Is it Friday yet? Kidding, but only slightly. The past seven days flew by, and I’m definitely planning a much more relaxed weekend ahead! As I mentioned on Instagram last night, I am definitely not complaining, as we got to see lots of friends and family, meet new blogger friends (and old Instagram friends!), take lots of photos (with Cake & Confetti, Willow Crowns, Feather Thread, Butter and two first birthday shoots – one for Meg!), swim multiple times, praise God at one of the most incredible concerts I’ve ever attended and decorate a new set of bookshelves!

In a little more detail, here are some of my favorite moments from the week:

  • Attending the Outcry tour with Hillsong, Bethel Music and Kari Jobe (amongst others!) with my friend, Ashley, and catching up over food and drinks at The Grove beforehand. While we were gone, Sasha had three of his friends over with their little kids, and I managed to snap some cute pictures of Isla and Ellery before I left. She is such a little lady! I love her.
  • Going to the first Blogger Brunch hosted by Justin James and Carrie of Wear Where Well at Tout Suite on Sunday after church at Bayou City Fellowship. It was a lot of fun meeting ladies I’ve followed on Instagram for a long time.
  • Swimming and barbecuing at our friends’ house. I want to move into their home immediately. Everything is so gorgeous, and Nina is so sweet and is letting me do a home tour post, so be on the lookout for that soon!
  • Having couples over for dinner on Saturday to discuss Paris plans (they’re going next weekend, and I’m so jealous!) and then playing a few games of Taboo and Bananagrams (I’m such a game nerd!).
  • Shooting the fall line with Willow Crowns at Megan’s house on Tuesday. Her and Olivia, her daughter, are truly the sweetest, and we had the best time playing after we took product pictures. The new bows, headbands, clips, etc. are gorgeous, and I cannot wait for the launch!
  • Taking two sets of first birthday photographs – one for Sophia and another for Caroline (Meg’s daughter). Both girls were super cute and happy, which makes my job lots of fun.
  • Shooting photos for Jessica’s blog – Feather Thread – and hair styling photos for Brittany’s partnership with a hair product company. So much girliness going on!
  • Swimming multiple days at our sweet neighbor’s house – we’re so blessed to live next to her. Isla and Sasha also headed to my parent’s house after church on Sunday while I was at the Blogger Brunch to swim with them! She’s a fish.
  • Receiving our new Sawyer bookshelves from Crate & Barrel and getting to work on decorating them. They’ll likely change ten times in the next two weeks, but this is how they look right now!
  • Spoiling Isla with some Bahama Bucks (taste testing all of the sugar free snow cone places in Houston!) and cotton candy (made by Meredith for an upcoming cocktail!). She’s a lucky lady!

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    • Thank you, Julie!!! It was sticky, but she enjoyed every single second of it!

  1. LOVE the bubble photos! Also love the cotton candy ones with Isla, such a great idea for photos! Sounds like you guys had a great week! Glad to hear you’re keeping busy with photography because you have such a talent! XO

    • You are so sweet. I feel the same way about you – loving your new photography Insta account!!! Can’t wait to see you add more and more photos to it! Lots of excitement going on in your life, and I’m so happy for you!! xoxo

    • Ha, we grabbed it at the very end. She ate it FAST. She’s a wild one!!

  2. What a fun week! I love the cotton candy photos so much – she is too sweet already!

  3. You are seriously SO TALENTED. I just can’t get over our photos. I can’t wait to share them with everyone ๐Ÿ™‚

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