LMI_18monthsIsla turned 1.5 on December 4th, so I’m a little behind in giving an update (last one at 1 year!). My mom allegedly has a list of all the words I said at 18 months (yet to see this!), so I wanted to do the same. These are all things you think you’d never forget, but you do! Even reading through the update from 6 months ago was crazy! Alas, here we go – Isla at 18 months.

Isla now says: Duck, turkey, bear, bike, bee, owl, bird, “nana” (banana), “nack” (snack), apple, cheese, “nigh-nigh” (night night), bath time, thank you, no way, no (all too often!), book, ball, baby, bubbles, bottle, “bankie” (blanket), binkie, one, “mo-wee” (more), all done, mouth, house, nose, eyes, ears, shoes, socks, chair, watch, boots, doggie, cereal, Belle, Coco (neighbor’s dog), Dada, Tata, GG, ZZ, Deda, Baba, Mimi, Papa, Nana, Mama, Bob and Mummy. She will use sign language for: more, all done, one and where, but her favorite thing in the world is to make animal noises for: sheep, horses, dogs, cats, monkeys, lions, fish, owls, and elephants. 

She’s had four top teeth and four bottom teeth for ages, but just had her first four molars break through after what felt like the longest teething period ever. It definitely affected her sleeping, as she had two weeks of waking up in the middle of the night crying, and I’d give her a bottle and pray she went back to sleep. One night, she decided that 3am was a good time to be up for the day, and I was a legitimate zombie. Typically, she sleeps from 7pm to 7:30am, but it varies. As of late, she has not wanted to go to sleep after bath, story and prayers, so we’ve watched Hillsong’s Touch the Sky video twice, then she is calm and will not cry when I lay her down. It’s miraculous!

Ailee_Petrovic_151222_328A9643Isla is a carb junkie, and I wish I could say that she loved her veggies, but that’s not really the case. She loves pasta, cereal, potatoes, beans and fruit. We make vegetarian flatzzas (flatbread pizza base, which is amazing!), and she will demolish them (after blowing for entirely too long). She loves Serbian and Scottish dishes made by her grandmas. Isla feeds Belle at least 1/3rd of her meal, and we need to be better about disciplining her for doing so. Even though she’s not eating everything, Isla is huge! She weighs 24 pounds, 1 ounce (67%), is 33.5 inches tall (91%), and has a head circumference of 18.75 inches (83%). 

Isla has never met a stranger. She loves wandering around restaurants and going to check out all of the other kids (and try to steal bottles from their moms’ purses!). She is happily dropped off at the gym daycare, where she gets to see all of her ‘babies.’ She also loves going to her swim class and is obsessed with going under water and finally kicks when doing passes between me and Coach Alicia.

Isla’s favorite ‘being’ on earth is definitely our dog, Belle. She tortures her by chasing her around the house with her baby stroller, but is also gentle and will snuggle in Belle’s bed and be sweet to her. 

Our playroom is her room of choice (with our bedroom a close second – she loves to play on my computer!), and will wreck it every morning, hours after I put everything away. She rides around on her bike, colors (on everything), plays with her animals, babies her dolls, and goes through (i.e. tosses everywhere) the vocab cards.

Isla is still a sweetheart, although she’s definitely started having a tantrum or two, which always catch me off guard and typically happen when she’s very tired. 


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