I hope you are enjoying the holidays! Isn’t it always hard to get in the swing of things on the Monday after Christmas? I just want to be back at my parent’s house, enjoying their company, opening gifts and eating my mom’s delicious food! 

The past week was very relaxed, which was a pleasant change of pace. As I mentioned, we celebrated Christmas in Katy, and decided to spend the night there after a Christmas Eve service at CityCentre for Bayou City Fellowship. That service is always my favorite – we sing my favorite carols and hear a good reminder about the real reason for the season. The rest of the week was very family focused – we spent all day, everyday together, and I loved it.

Some of the other highlights from the week include:

  • Going wedding dress shopping (not for me!) although I would love to do it all over again. We ran into my old high school/college friend who was trying on dresses and looked absolutely stunning! I love weddings!
  • Taking blog photos for two of my favorites, Destiny and Alex, at West Ave. I love those ladies! They’re so sweet.
  • Going to our neighborhood park, which seemed like a great idea (well, it was!) until Isla refused to leave. She was having the best time!
  • Watching Isla wear the dress that my sisters and I wore on Christmases when we were her age! I love special moments like that. My mom is the best to have saved them!
  • Updating my annual Shutterfly book (books, actually, this year because I take so many photos!) – it took ages to get caught up, but I did it! 
  • Having a very bittersweet farewell to my best, best friend, McKenzie – we got blow outs at Dry Bar and then ate dinner at Benjy’s before heading to our friend’s house (she lives walking distance away – jealous!).
  • Going back to Benjy’s the next day to celebrate Meredith’s birthday (which is on Christmas!). 
  • Eating lunch at Ruggles Green with one of my closest college friends, her mom, my mom and Isla – I loved every lady sitting at that table! It’s always great catching up with old friends.
  • Eating family lunch at Adair Kitchen and then dinner at Carabbas on Voss – two of my favorite places in one day. I would consider that a win! I love that Sasha loves the same restaurants as me! Makes picking places to eat very convenient!

How was your Christmas? Are you ready for NYE? Somehow it sneaks up on us every year!  

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  1. Some really great pics! I think my favorite is the Green dress pic 🙂

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