Happy President’s Day! I hope you had the best Valentine’s Day weekend – it’s definitely one of my favorite holidays! We had a relaxed day, which is rare at the crazy Petrovic casa. After church at Bayou City Fellowship, we had lunch at Ruggles Green with my sister-in-law, who was in town briefly from California. We then hung out at the house for a few hours while Isla napped, then went on a 4.5 mile around our dream neighborhood, which isn’t very far from our house. We made flatbread pizzas when we got home, drank some prosecco and watched the 100 Foot Journey, while I finished editing photos from the week.

Some other highlights from our past week include:

  • Taking photos for Destiny and then grabbing a quick bite at Relish afterwards – it’s such a simple little grab-and-go restaurant, but I love the food so much!
  • Photographing Alex at Tiny Boxwood’s and then at Highland Village before she jetted off to NY for Fashion Week!
  • Taking blog photos for both Elly and Caroline at City Centre.
  • Photographing Burdlife’s newest collection!
  • Photographing a styled shoot with Pour L’Amour x Paper Flour Ink – these two ladies are unbelievably talented! I loved their setup so much.
  • Taking newborn photos of the sweetest twin boys and a little girl with so much hair (that reminded me of Isla!) – newborn smooshiness is the best!
  • Going to The Grove for an early Valentine’s dinner with some friends and then to see Toruk, which was my 10th Cirque show to see, and definitely my least favorite! I loved the costume, set, storyline, etc. but was seriously missing the acrobatics from normal Cirque shows!
  • Taking Isla to her first swim class at Lifetime – we didn’t enjoy it as much as Dad’s Club, but it’s more convenient. We’re going to try the next level, and if it’s not better, then we’ll go back to Dad’s Club.
  • Spending time with my wonderful sister-in-law, Ivana, on the two nights that she was here! I love her!

How was your holiday weekend? xo

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