Complaining about Mondays may be so basic, but truly, they are my least favorite day of the week. Sasha is back in California for work (a department ski trip to Tahoe? Tough life, right?), so I’ve been entertaining Isla all day, trying to distract her from the fact that today is her first day with no binkie. She did relatively well, and only asked for it a few times during the day. At nap time, she cried for the “BINKIE! BINKIEEEEE!” And I repeated, as I had earlier, “Your binkies are all gone!” She paused for a second, looking deep in thought, then said, “PACI!!!!” I died laughing (probably didn’t help) because I have never, ever heard her call it that. These little minds are so funny.

The past week was a lot of fun. I hosted an Instagram challenge, which was my first but not last. I loved seeing the entries everyday (although I’ve lost faith in all photos showing up when you click the hashtag! I would see some days later!). You can see the pictures here.

Other highlights from the week included:

  • Meeting Destiny at Discovery Green; Caroline, in the warehouse district; Molly, downtown, and Brittany at Uptown Park. Gorgeous gals! Isla got to play with Truman after our shoot at the park and Los Trompos exhibit. They wore matching rain jackets from The Monogram Shop – seriously too cute.
  • Going to James’ 5th birthday party! His mama, Nina, was due days after I met her – cannot believe that was five years ago! Time is such a thief.
  • Taking newborn photos for an adorable baby boy, Wes. His nursery is such a dream, and he’s cute to boot. I also photographed the most gorgeous little babe, Annie! She was such a cool little lady – so cute too!
  • Meeting Meredith at Lauren’s house for some baby and beauty flatlays and lifestyle photographs. I got to meet sweet Ford for the first time! He’s precious.
  • Going to church and then having lunch at my mother-in-laws! Isla was having cold symptoms, and we didn’t want her to get any of the kids at the daycare sick, so we dropped her at my in-laws beforehand.
  • Playing at Donovan park and then eating dinner at Carabbas on Voss after a failed attempt to eat at Coltivare (a 1 hour 45 minute wait at 5:30pm??). 
  • Running the 3 mi loop at Memorial Park and then going to Isla’s swim class and having coffee afterwards at Kraftsmen Baking with my sister, Karine.
  • Eating lunch with Joy at The Dunlavy and with Leah at Adair Kitchen – love both these ladies AND the delicious restaurants. Definitely my favorites!

Hope you had a great week too! Happy Monday. xo

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  1. Does Isla always have balloons around her? Simon would be ecstatic!
    Also, no paci? Simon only has his at nap / night, but wow…good luck! We need to do the same I guess.

    • AileePetrovic Reply

      Hahah she LOVES them. But I’m so paranoid about her eating one, so it’s not wise.

      Well, she STILL drinks from a bottle when she wakes up at like 6am and then will go back to sleep for another hour. And when I’ve not given it to her, she won’t sleep. So I’m lazy… Ha!

      Our pediatrician is an amazingly regimented Asian man who was insistent that we let Isla CIO at 6 weeks and “very strongly recommended” bottles be gone at 12 months and all pacifiers gone by 15 months. I had to see him last week for an appointment and he asked about it and I LIED. Hahaha so I felt I needed to actually do it. But I’m not personally against them. So we’ll see… she survived the first day, but with no nap bc she cried for it for so long. It was not fun.

      Going to read your 21 month update now! I GET TO MEET SIMON NEXT MONTH AND I AM VERY EXCITED!!!!!! (bringing balloons!) xoxoxo

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