Just another manic Monday! I’m running around, trying to catch up after a relaxing-ish weekend (or Sunday, at least). I know people hate on Mondays, but sometimes I enjoy getting back into a routine!

My favorite part of the weekend was a picnic we had at a park nearby, which was next to a gorgeous bluebonnet field. It was a very last minute thing – we were on a family walk, decided it was too pretty to eat indoors, so we walked home, called Ruggles Green, jumped in the car, grabbed our food then went to the park. Oh those bluebonnets! They are so gorgeous. 

Some other highlights from the week included:

  • Going to church at Bayou City Fellowship and listening to a moving sermon from our Pastor Curtis. 
  • Going to Tova’s naming ceremony brunch (we were late because of church!) – she is such a doll and was snoozing in her mama’s arms!
  • Taking Megan’s daughter’s newborn photos in the most gorgeous nursery I have ever seen!
  • Did you see Kate Blue’s announcement on her Instagram? I snapped some photos of her and Philip on Saturday for the big reveal!
  • Taking Leah’s maternity photos after Kate’s reveal. It was my idea – how could she not document how amazing she looks at 38 weeks??
  • Photographing Caroline and then her mom and sister – what a gorgeous family!
  • Taking photos for Elly and Ashley in the Heights – a spot I don’t normally visit.
  • Meeting Kristen, Destiny and Megan at Mod Pizza in Cypress – of course, I was on a juice cleanse, so I didn’t get to enjoy anything other than their company ๐Ÿ™‚ But that was great. 
  • Taking Houston’s (dog) 2nd birthday photos at Rice! Kristen is the best pup mama, documenting these special occasions ๐Ÿ˜‰ 
  • Eating dinner on Sunday at Adair Kitchen – my favorite spot in Houston. I love their veggie super food bowl!

Hope you had a great week! xo

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