If I were to use one word to describe last week, it would have to be rainrainrainrain. As soon as you thought it would stop raining, it would pick right back up. Tons of neighborhoods in the city were completely flooded, and we were lucky enough to stay pretty dry (or flood free, I guess!). I could not believe what we were watching on the news and even on my friends’ Snapchats!

Since the first few days of last week prohibited photos being taken, the latter half was pretty insane. And I left for Chicago at 7am on Friday morning (those early morning flights are always painful!), which meant I was rushing to get everything done before I left. I was visiting my best friend of 18 years (which means I’m way too old!!) who moved there in December – I kept telling myself it was too chilly to visit her, so booked a flight in April and alas, mid-40 degree weather. In the spring. Yikes. Thank goodness it was the best weekend ever, and we were too busy to notice the cold. We met our good friend, Caroline, at Google for lunch, then went to Cindie’s at the Chicago Athletic Club, took photos by The Bean, then ate dinner at Summer House and wandered in and out of cute boutiques on the way home. Friday night was a relaxing night in – face masks, cheese and rose! Truly perfect. On Saturday, we ate breakfast at Southport Grocery and Cafe, shopped nearby and then went to the Lincoln Park Conservatory (which is a dream!). Afterwards, we drank delicious smoothies at Real Good, strolled down to the lake where we relaxed, looking out at the gorgeous blue water. Then we met up with Caroline, went to Hotel Lincoln (which was ridiculously busy!), so headed to Corcoran’s Pub, before taking a taxi to dinner at The Hampton Social and then a glass of wine at Caroline’s apartment. It was a jam packed 48 hours, and I got to spend time with some people I love so, so much – my heart is still full from the trip! I can’t wait to go back with Sasha and Isla!

Some other highlights from the past week included:

  • Eating lunch with Sasha’s cousin’s wife at Tiny’s No. 5 – the acai bowl is amazing. I love Melissa – we chatted for a few hours and I didn’t even notice!
  • Taking photos for Emily Reeves and Kristin Tauber to promote their next calligraphy and floral workshop (details here).
  • Taking blog photos for Destiny at Kendra Scott (fun collab that y’all will see soon!), Elly (basically in the pouring rain!), and Caroline, at her house.
  • Meredith consultation for Isla’s party at her house! I am excited and very stressed ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Finishing the craft closet with help from Meggie of Organized Life Design – she is the best, and I cannot wait to reveal the progress and final photos!

I hope y’all are already having a great week so far! xo

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