Well, it’s Tuesday evening now (ahem, Wednesday by the time I’m posting), and I’m only now getting around to writing this post! It’s already been a crazy week – six sets of photos done in 48 hours and when to get them edited? Yikes. Hoping I can catch up within the next few days.

A very quick recap of last week’s highlights:

  • Spending Mother’s Day with my Mom after church and then seeing Sasha’s mom for dinner! It’s one of my favorite holidays, but a little biased on that, right?
  • Meeting with Monica to discuss a fun project for Isla’s birthday party!
  • Stopping by Papellerie to pick up some gorgeous sets that I’m styling and photographing! Those ladies are so talented! 
  • Taking Townes’ newborn photos – he is seriously so adorable! Such an easy baby!
  • Photographing Natalie Weakly and a gaggle of gorgeous gals that she styled for Great Day Houston, Elly at CityCentre, Caroline at Rice University, Esther’s daughter’s beautiful nursery, new classes offered at DEFINE, and sweet Lainey’s second birthday portraits!
  • Going to Valentina’s slava and spending time with Sasha’s family!
  • Celebrating Brittany’s 30th birthday with dinner at Up.
  • Spending the week with Sasha, as it was his first time to work from Houston (i.e. at home) in 7 weeks.
  • Getting my butt kicked at DEFINE Body with Alex at 5:45am.
  • Eating dinner with Megan at Brio’s! It was delicious and I always love her company.

How was your week? Hope you had a great Mother’s Day!

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  1. Paola Corral Reply

    As always, awesome photos! And, Happy Mother’s Day to you gorgeous lady!! xoxo

  2. 1. That photo of Isla with her grandmother—endearing.
    2. That photo of you chasing Isla—precious.
    3. That photo of Isla and her bun—YOUR STYLE!

    Belated happy mother’s day, you SUPERMOM!

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