Whew. Well, it’s been silent over here for the last three weeks, and I’m barely surviving! Since my last post, I went to Durango for my sister-in-law’s bachelorette party that I co-planned, got pretty sick with a stomach bug and a sinus infection that knocked me off my feet for a few days, and then enjoyed the last few days of the trip before heading back to Houston, where I hit the ground running. I was unpacking, buying groceries, cleaning the house and buying last minute items for Isla’s 2nd birthday party on Saturday (her real birthday). Besides the endless rain, the party went off without a hitch (except perhaps me stupidly putting a sparkler in her birthday cupcake… lesson learned: toddlers don’t like sparks!!!). I am going to share photos from the party tomorrow! They’re not my favorite photos ever, as it was so dark from the storm that I had to use my flash, but alas, they’re party photos and will be amazing for memories!

I wish I felt some sense of relief now that all of the crazy is over, but I am way, way, way behind on emails and have a jam-packed week of photos – playing catchup with work now. So if I owe you an email, I’d love a little grace! 

Some very high level highlights from the past three weeks:

  • Watching Sasha dominate the Iron Horse Bike Classic race in Durango – it was so grueling and I seriously couldn’t complete 1/100th of the race. I am so proud of him!!!
  • Spending family time in Colorado – I want to live there year round!
  • Getting to shower Ivana with love (and lots of exercise!) and getting to meet so many of her closest friends, whom I adore!
  • Celebrating sweet Isla’s 2nd birthday – I cannot believe that she is two years old, and at the same time, I can’t believe I’ve only known her for two years. She feels like she’s been a part of me forever. I love that sweet girl to pieces.
  • Doing the Memorial Park 3 mile loop with one of my favorites, Brooke, and getting to catch up on life!
  • Taking a break from work!

Hope you had a great week/weekend too! xo

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