Happy Halloween!! We’re going trick-or-treating with the Destiny, Sid and Truman tonight, as Sasha is back in Austin for the third week in a row. Destiny had an adorable party planned for Friday, but unfortunately Truman got sick and the doctor said he couldn’t be around other kids. So the party got canceled, and we had another couple over who were planning on going as well. We all kept our costumes on for about five minutes… except for Sasha, who wore his Michael Phelps Speedo for at least two hours before donning a robe (yikes!!). This will be the first Halloween that Isla is actually excited about, so I can’t wait to go door-to-door, even if it’s just for a few houses (or however long they last!).

Some highlights from the week included:

  • Taking styled photos for Meg and Channing at Tout Suite and running into Meredith and Kailey who were there for a little coffee meeting. 
  • Photographing Destiny, Isla, Olivia, Naomi and Tova at The West Studios for a Willow Crowns shoot – even the editing was a highlight because those models were all perfect (except perhaps my own, who acted as if she had just swallowed five large Pixie Sticks!).
  • Getting our final architecture plans from Kelly Cusimano, our architect, and beginning to think of decor for each room.
  • Photographing an adorable first birthday party, which was Halloween themed – I’ve never seen so many cute littles in their costumes – elephants, pumpkins, ballerinas, astronauts – you name it!
  • Ripping open this month’s Bookroo delivery – two new books which we’ve read every day since! She is obsessed with Wolfie the Bunny
  • Going to Isla’s first fall fair at her school, watching her freak out with excitement over getting her face painted (she’s asked me to do it every day since) and almost crying with happiness over her first horsie bail ride.
  • Photographing the Organized Life Design second birthday party, which was hosted at Meggie’s gorgeous new home! 
  • Spending lots of grandparent time with my parents and Sasha’s mom before they all left us for Colorado and Serbia. Anyone free to babysit? 😉 
  • Taking family photos for our friends, the Lanhams – I cannot get over how adorable sweet Hollis and Walker are! Walker’s brotherly love kills me (see smooch photo below!).
  • Going out to lunch at Counter Burger, which has been my pregnancy craving since day 1. They have the absolute best veggie burger and I would be happy if I could eat it breakfast, lunch and dinner every day!
  • Photographing a contract signing in Pasadena for Sasha’s cousin’s company.
  • Celebrating the 100 days-to-go mark on Wednesday – my bump has been pretty small thus far (which I unfortunately cannot say about my legs), but I’ve had a serious pain in my stomach the last few days and am concerned my ab muscles are ripping! Totally calling my gynecologist today to see if I should be worried!

Hope you have the best Halloween and that you enjoy the rest of your week! xo

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