Well, everyone – it’s here: election week. I cannot believe that after what seems like the longest campaign season ever, we’ll finally find out who becomes president tomorrow evening. I voted on Friday morning for the first time ever, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous/excited. Not that I even particularly want either to be president (although I really don’t want one to be!). 

In case the election has you down, here’s a happy reminder: 47 days until Christmas! I’m starting my gift guide series tomorrow to get you in the holiday spirit! I can’t wait to share all of the guides I’ve been working on recently.

Some highlights from the past week include:

  • Going trick-or-treating for Halloween in Cypress with Destiny, Sid, Truman, Isla and Amanda, since Sasha was out of town in Austin. We had so much fun! The kids only went to a few houses (Truman more than Isla, after we both got freaked out by a moving candy bowl!!!). 
  • Taking family photos of the cutest little girl, Georgia, and her parents at The Menil – I cannot get over Georgia’s happy smile or her arm rolls! I hope Emi gets them too!!
  • Photographing three of my blogger friends’ (Meg, Esther and Veronika) families at Discovery Green, Summer Street Studios, and The Arboretum. I love how they turned out and hope they do too!
  • Taking graduation photos for one of Isla’s sweet babysitters, Lacy, at Rice campus – she is absolutely gorgeous!! I can’t even handle it. And let’s not even talk about her tiny waist right now. 
  • Going to the most perfect baby shower for my friend, Kristen, in honor of her sweet baby boy, who is due on January 21! I cannot wait to meet him and for him to have a gaggle of girlfriends (lots of baby girls due in February!).
  • Meeting with Meg Grant about some fun baby projects for Emi!
  • Going to a smoothie date with Jessica, Isla and her adorable babe, Olivia! I cannot believe how big she is already!
  • Having Amanda over to chat about blogs, baby showers (throwing one for Destiny in December), and life! 
  • Going to church at Bayou City Fellowship and then having lunch at The Counter – their veggie burger is the best in Houston and I crave it constantly!
  • Doing a family dinner night at La Vista, which we love and are excited to live walking distance from next year when we finish building the house!
  • Having Ivana sleepover and eating MOD Pizza (our cheat meal for the week – sadly becoming a weekly thing!!!).
  • Seeing that Pottery Barn Kids reposted a photo of Isla in her little kitchen here!

I hope you had a great weekend and that your week started on a good note! xo

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