I was so excited about tomorrow being Thursday, until about ten minutes ago when I realized it was only Tuesday. I’ve definitely fit enough into the last two days to have spread it out between three, so perhaps that’s why! Last week was equally busy, but less photography and more party prep. I threw one of my best friends, Destiny, a baby sprinkle on Saturday – you can read more about it here!

Besides the party, which was definitely my favorite part of the week, we had lots of fun moments, including:

  • A day trip to Austin to meet sweet baby Matilda! She is adorable. I got to catch up with my friend, Jeff, at lunch and then eat dinner with the Gordons and Tapps at True Food Kitchen. It was such a happy day! Isla got to spend the day in Katy and we both spent the night at my parent’s house!
  • Having both Amanda and Meredith help with party prep – love getting to spend more time with these two besties, and I’m so grateful for their time!
  • Going to two gymastic’s birthday parties – one for my nephew, Lazo, and one for Esther’s little lady, Naomi. Both were so much fun and Isla fell asleep very easily that evening!
  • Eating Fu’s Garden for dinner with Bob and Ivana – we love spending time with them and are trying to convince them to become our neighbors at the new house!
  • Taking blog photos for Lauren Mills – I am seriously, seriously in love with her son, Ford. He is the absolute cutest!
  • Stopping by the Houston Polo Club to see all of the horsies. Isla loves them so much! I cannot wait for her to ride one!

I’m totally braindead and am probably missing other wonderful moments, but for now, I’m signing off to edit tons of photos that I took today! Hope you’re having a great week so far! xo

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