Two weeks have passed with our Emi Girl, and we’re truly smitten (most especially – her big sister!). She’s been more awake and alert the past few days, and we love getting to see those dark blue eyes… except for this morning at 5am! Other than this incident, she’s been feeding around 9:30pm, 3am, and 6:30/7am the past few nights, which I can definitely deal with! Isla was more like 9:30pm, 11:30pm, 2am, 4:30am, 7am… so I was prepared for the worst! We’ll see what happens in the next few weeks! Fingers crossed.

Over the past seven days, we’ve seen a lot of our close friends, many of whom brought us over lunch and dinner, which was greatly appreciated. We spent quality time with our immediate family, as well as fun moments with just the four Petrovics. 

Emi “asked” one of my best friends, Kirby, to be her Godmother (and Brett, who wasn’t in town, to be her Godfather). They accepted, and we’re seriously so grateful to have such incredible friends who are willing to take on this role! We love the Behennas!!! Isla has been asking, “But where is Brett?” all week!

Meredith came over one morning with balloons and sugar cookies, and Isla was over-the-moon (not only does she love Meredith, but a visitor came and just played with her! Just what she needed!). I even made it to Southern Floral to buy flowers to do one of my favorite posed newborn shots – the floral crown. Little victories!

We’re excited about Valentine’s Day tomorrow, although I genuinely haven’t bought anything for Sasha other than a card! It’s a good thing all he thinks about is “the budget” and probably won’t be too heartbroken that I didn’t spend any money on him! Ha!

Hope you have the best week. xo

     Gorgeous blanket from Bebe Au Lait   


  1. Ah love these photos of your sweet family! Isla looks like such a great big sister and Emi is just precious.

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