Oh my goodness, I almost started crying when I read Isla’s one month post because it legitimately feels like yesterday that I was taking those photos, yet it has been more than 2.5 years! Miss Emilia is now a month old (celebrating on February 28th/March 1st, since it’s not a leap year!). 

I said to myself in my last few days of pregnancy, “I will not commiserate constantly about how fast time is going. I will enjoy every day and be okay with the passage of time.” Ahem, easier said than done! Ha. So yes, the days are flying by, but we have loved every single one with Emi. She slept day and night for the first week and a bit, then slowly has been more and more awake as each day passes (pros and cons to this!). As I’ve heard most second babies are, she is way more chill than Isla ever was. She cries only when she’s hungry (which, I’ll say seems to be often!), and sometimes between the hours of 7-9pm, right after her big sis has gone to sleep, and I’m craving some peace and quiet! 

She was born at 7 lbs 9 oz, but Sasha put her on the scale with him four days ago and swears she’s 10 lbs now! Which would explain why she’s grown out of newborn clothing (she was sausaged into the onesie for these photos!). I absolutely adore seeing her in the clothes that Isla used to wear – it brings back so many memories.

In the past few weeks, she has made two trips to Target, a dozen to the grocery store, too many to count to Starbucks, gone to a baby shower, gone on two runs (or jogs, let’s be real), lots of walks around Memorial Park, and visited her future bestie, Tatum. She went from hating the bath to loving it. She constantly spits out her paci, much to my dismay (working on this!). She loves being swaddled, way more than Isla ever did! 

We cannot wait to see her grow more in the coming months. The next four weeks should bring smiles, which I’m dying to see! We’ve gotten sneak peeks when she’s sleeping, and they melt my heart.

Showing off those guns!

A Little Lady Shop bow | Calligraphy for onesie by Meg Grant | Quilt by my amazing mama!

Some of my favorite photos from the first month (most already featured in the ‘Week in Reviews’) are below!


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