I hope everyone had a very happy Easter Sunday! We had a busy day, which started with church at Bayou City Fellowship, then we went to my parent’s house for an egg hunt with my aunts and cousin, Lyra, who were visiting from London. After we ate lunch and the girls raced around the yard for eggs, we headed to Sasha’s cousin’s house for another party and hunt. Needless to say, Isla was in bed around 6pm, which (unfortunately) is an hour-or-so before she typically would go to sleep. The sugar crash was so real!

Since we don’t get to see my aunts or cousin often, we spent a lot of time with them during the past week, which we loved – most especially, Isla, who adores Lyra. There was a lot of time spent in the pool, and we even met in the Heights for lunch at Ruggles Green, play time at Donovan Park and popsicles at Steel City Pops. 

My best friend was also in town from Chicago with her boyfriend, Bryan, so we got to see them on Thursday, along with our friend Amanda. Isla was on cloud nine, and kept Bryan very busy! 

The girls and I ran a ton of errands that I had been procrastinating doing the week before, like dry cleaning, groceries, USPS, UPS, returns to Target, etc. The best “errand” we did was getting our nails done (Isla and I, while Emi slept). I’m not a big fan of mani/pedis, but it was definitely more fun with Isla sitting next to me – the stillest she has ever been! We got Bahama Bucks after school on Monday too, which was definitely a highlight – that Thin Ice Super Sour Apple is so delicious!

I had the honor of taking our friends’ newborn photos. Sweet Parker is so gorgeous and I think she looks just like her mama, Erin. I cannot wait for Parker and Emi to become best friends!

Meredith and I got an impromptu juice at Adair Kitchen, and I attended Isla’s Easter party at school! We did our traditional MOD Pizza night on Friday, with Palacinke (crepes) Saturday with Ivana and Bob – they’ll miss out on this Friday, as they’ll be in the hospital with sweet Milly. I am so insanely excited to meet my sweet niece! Expect a million photos to follow. 


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