This is the third blog post in my ‘New Newborn Favorite’ series, as I started with a review of the 4moms Infant Tub, and then more recently talked about my love of the DockATot. The baby item I’m talking about today is my most, most favorite product we own – the Owlet Monitor. I have had a number of people message me on Instagram after I’ve posted photos of it on my Story, and they all ask me if it’s worth the money (it retails for $299). I wish I could properly express my enthusiasm over the internet, as my answer is “Yes, yes, YES!” I think everyone should be given one of these monitors as they leave the hospital, as I believe that it brings so much peace of mind to parents with newborn babies.

The Owlet Smart Sock is worn on your baby’s foot and uses pulse oximetry (sounds so fancy!) to measure infants’ heart rates and oxygen levels while they sleep. It is designed to notify parents if levels are higher or lower than preset levels (a good indicator of overall wellness). 

The information from the sock is communicated to your phone (a really user friendly and pretty app!) via a base station (see photo below). The station will light up and play an alarm if your baby’s oxygen level or heart rate goes outside of the preset range, and plays another, more soothing sound if the baby has kicked off or moved the sock out of the proper position. 

The Owlet website reports 83% of Owlet parents report better sleep while using the Smart Sock, but I can’t imagine how it’s not 100%. When Isla was a newborn, I would wakeup multiple times during the night, walk through to her room and watch to make sure she was still breathing. I did it for months. Now that Emi is wearing the sock, I truly sleep so much more peacefully, trusting than an alarm should sound if something were to go wrong. 

To prove a point, I even brought the monitor with me while we’ve traveled recently, despite the fact she was been sleeping next to me in the DockATot!

With all this said, I am buying my sister-in-law the Owlet monitor for sweet Milly, who will be born this month (and I’m so excited). I genuinely think that all new mamas need this monitor, so it’s the highest item on my registry suggestion list. Please email me if you have any questions about it!


I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. All opinions expressed are truthful and 100% my own. I am disclosing this in compliance with the FTC regulations.

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