I have always loved beach family photos – the lapping blue, reflective water, the dreamy sun setting in the background, the white sand, the wind tousled hair. We have never had the opportunity to have a beach session, so when we booked our trip to the Hilton Sandestin, I started searching for a photographer immediately. I could not be more excited about finding Lauren Folk of Folk House Creative Co., because y’all, she is not only super talented, but a dream to work with. She seriously captured our small little family perfectly, and I will truly print and treasure these photos forever. I am so grateful for Lauren! If you are traveling to the Destin area, I cannot recommend her enough.

There is so much joy in these photos. Sweet Emi was very much ready for bed, but Lauren somehow managed to appear less tired than she really was! That babe was asleep less than ten minutes after we wrapped them up, but Lauren (and Isla) had her grinning with their smart posing and silly faces (well, Isla’s!). Without further adieu, a narrowed down, but still expansive, selection of favorites from our session.

My Dress // Isla’s Top // Isla’s Skirt // Sweet & Spark Necklace // Sasha’s Pants // Sasha’s Shirt // Willow Crowns Bow


  1. Paola Corral Reply

    I’m obsessed with these pictures, gorgeous and perfect family. And you two are way too cute, no wonder Isla and Emi are so beautiful! LY

  2. I am super obsessed with your family photos! Y’all are so good-looking! Isla and Emi are very lucky to have these beautiful photos to look at when they grow older. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I LOVE THESE! The photo of Isla in the air and the portrait underneath it are gorgeous. The one of you and Sasha kissing is so romantic. Ah. Love. Now, come visit and we will take some mountain photos. xo

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