If you follow me on Instagram (@snapshotsandmythoughts), you will be very familiar with Emi’s Lulla Doll. If Emi ever starts to cry, you’ll here Isla running around the house looking for Lulla, then once she’s found her, “Don’t cry, Boo Boo, I’m bringing you Looooooola!” In short: she’s obsessed.  I don’t know if it’s how soft Lulla is, her perfect-to-hold size, how she tastes (kidding, but Emi is always chewing on her), or her soothing heart beat sound, but she helps Emi fall asleep for all of her naps and at bedtime. We bring her everywhere.

Before Emi had her Lulla, she was sleeping with a blanket, typically pulled up close to her face and it made me so nervous. With her doll snuggled next to her, there is so much space for her to breathe, I don’t worry. They are the cutest little sleeping buddies. Also, there is a velcro attachment that tucks into the back pouch in case you want to use it to attach to the crib vs. having her in the crib.

So when my sweet contact at Roro offered to sponsor a post, I said no, because I don’t want to get paid to tell you how much we love her, but… I did want a second Lulla! Ha. We’ve struggled to wash her, since Miss Emilia wants to hold her all day long. I’ve spoken to others who saw Lulla on my Instagram then bought her, and the consensus is in: she is loved by all babies. You can read other stories of babies loving their dolls on their website here.

The Lulla doll costs $69, with $5 shipping in the US. Her heart beat sound is activated by pushing down on the button for 2 seconds. The calming sounds play for eight hours – so I usually go and reset it right before I go to sleep, so that she can hear it all night long. Since we constantly have it on, I found that the batteries didn’t last very long, so I bought this 4-pack of rechargeable AAA batteries and charger. That way two batteries are always in Lulla, and another two are charging.

Others in the ‘new newborn favorites’ series are the Solly Wrap, Owlet Monitor, DockATot and 4Moms Infant Tub.

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