After being postponed for two weeks due to the hurricane, the girls’ school starts tomorrow. Isla is going for three days, and Emi, only two. I have grandiose plans on what I’ll do with five uninterrupted hours (I haven’t had this since Emi was born!), but this week, I’ll be spending most of that time taking photographs. We leave for Destin on Saturday, and I’ve got five photo sessions in the next four days. Madness.

My parents moved into their rental home on Saturday, so the house feels all quiet now that they’re gone. My sister-in-law and niece even stayed with us for a few nights last week! There were 8 people living in our little house – I loved it! Some other highlights from the past week include:

  • Going to church at Bayou City Fellowship (Curtis’ message was great – it’s not uploaded just yet to the site, but you can find other sermons here).
  • Having a playdate with our best friends, the Thompsons at their house! It had been way too long.
  • Watching Isla make new friends and play some soccer at CityCentre after the gym one morning!
  • Taking two sets of newborn photos for sweet Parker and baby Harper. They were both insanely cute! Lucky me, ha!
  • Taking Isla to her much anticipated ballet class, which she went to with her new bestie, Iris. They are so sweet together. Lots of photos below!
  • Photographing Meredith at this amazingly colorful exhibit at Discovery Green.
  • Catching up with Monica on a power walk with my sister-in-law, Ivana.

I’m almost 99% positive I’m missing something big, but it’s 11:45pm and I have to get back to editing those sweet baby photos. I’m actually drinking a coffee at this very minute. One of those nights! Have the best week. xo

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