Well, it’s Thursday, and I really considered just skipping this week’s ‘Week in Review’ but I have done it consistently for almost two years now, so alas, here are a handful of photos from last week! Ha. Better late than never – my philosophy for life right now. We’ve had our good friends from Australia (originally, Katy, Texas) in town this week, so I’ve had my hands full in the best way possible.

Last week, I hung out with Destiny (twice!) and Meredith (twice!), which literally never happens. Isla had ballet class, I took the girls to school and got caught up on lots of emails that came in while we were in Destin. I am co-hosting a shower for Meredith next weekend, and I had fallen behind while we were gone, so I spent lots of time getting my ducks in a row. I went and saw serious updates on the house (hooray!). Jill, Kevin and I drove to Galveston to take their engagement photos. We went to church at Bayou City Fellowship, then ate afterwards with Sydney, Philip and Camden (whom I’m obsessed with!). Erin and Parker stopped by – loved getting to see them, albeit too briefly. I took family photos for my friend, Amy and her family, at one of my favorite spots in downtown Houston. We celebrated my dad’s birthday and Emi’s 8 month-iversary on the 29th, and spent Saturday afternoon together at Levy Park. All in all, there were a lot of happy things that happened during the week. However, one of our close family friends – the man who convinced me to take a job at Accenture, which is where I met Sasha – passed away after receiving a cancer diagnosis the previous week. Tommy had the best personality ever – honestly, he was so full of life. His funeral was on Saturday and the speeches/message was a mixture of hilarious stories and remembrances that made everyone cry. He will be so missed by an incredibly large number of people.

Some photos taken during the week include:

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