Alas, I jinxed myself last week when I doubted the cold front rumors in Houston. However, it was the best kind of jinxing (perhaps this means it wasn’t a jinx? Ha.), in that we actually experienced a few days of fall weather before hitting the 90s again. It’s back to being in the 70s, and I am praying it stays! Isla and I are heading to Chicago this weekend to visit McKenzie, so we bought a few things for Isla to wear, as she quite literally only has dresses and a few tops.

The biggest highlight from the past week was Meredith’s baby shower! If you follow me on Instagram, you will have already seen a ton of snaps and photos. It was Otomi themed and very colorful, ร  la Mere. I am going to post a bajillion photos on the blog very soon, so you can see all of the details!

The lowest moment of the week was going to Texas Children’s for Emi’s allergy bloodwork. She was truly a bigger hero than I was, as I had to ‘tap out’ and have a nurse come and assist me. What a weenie! I need to get over this needle phobia – it’s ridiculous. We will get results back tomorrow or Wednesday, and go for follow up testing before heading to Chicago on Friday.

Other highlights from the week included:

  • Having Ailie and Jack stay with us after their quick trip to Austin for ACL – we toured about town, and time flew by way too quickly! It’s unreal. We had some fun family game nights though, and I’m already missing the two of them!
  • Having a farewell to Destiny dinner with Amanda and our husbands at Lupe’s Tortillas on Highway 6 (The Original) – ah, I cannot think about her moving next Monday. I have cried so much already!
  • Taking Meg Owen’s family photos at Evelyn’s Park on Saturday evening, after watching the UT vs. OU game at Bob and Ivana’s friends house. I love their photos and am about to send the gallery off now – hopefully they do too!
  • Photographing Carrie and Elle for her fourth ‘monthly photos’ – she looked like the cutest little pumpkin ever!
  • Having a visit from Sasha’s cousin, Stevan, on Saturday and getting to catch up.
  • Fixing my chipped tooth – Dr. Matt Nickolas is my friend and also the best dentist! I am getting a cleaning this week – two visits in two weeks is a record for me.
  • Celebrating Megan’s 30th birthday lunch at Sweet Paris with some of our friends! It was great chatting with these ladies.
  • Seeing Meredith for Emi and Milly’s halloween costume modeling, our trip to The Confetti Room at The Montrose Studio, our pampering date to Dry Bar and at her shower. We typically talk on the phone ten times a day, but rarely see each other, so this was a treat!

I hope you have the best, most colorful, fall-feeling week! xo

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