Officially in the thick of ‘family photo season’ right now, so will keep this ‘Week in Review’ short so that I can get back to the 10,304 photos I still have to edit! Is it Christmas yet? Ha! We’re heading to Durango either the 25th or 26th, and I am so excited. I haven’t seen snow in a few years – neither girl has ever seen it, so we’ll see what they think about freezing cold weather! We took our annual Semple-family REI trip on Saturday to get a new jacket – I love the navy canvas one I found, which probably won’t keep me super warm in 30 degree weather, but it is so perfect for a mild Houston winter.

Other highlights from the week include:

  • Taking sweet Clifford’s newborn photos! He was truly an angel baby and slept almost the entire time!
  • Photographing Monica’s family photos in their amazing back/front yards – serious #goals.
  • Co-hosting a baby shower for our friend, Amanda, then taking maternity photos for her the next day!
  • Taking Alex’s blog photos – we had a good laugh because Isla insisted on stamping her hand before we took them, and then I ended up Photoshopping orange stamp off the back of her hand in half the pictures! Toddlers!!
  • Photographing the Nickolases – aww, Parker is the yummiest little babe!! Her chunky cheeks are truly irresistible.
  • Having breakfast with Leah from The Monogram Shop, then photographing some of their gorgeous products. I seriously cannot go into the shop without getting something. I got Emi a sweet monogramed lunch box to replace the Medela bottle one she’s been bringing to school! Such a second child!
  • Photographing the ‘New Mom Care Package’ post with Sydney! The giveaway is closed, but have you read/pinned it yet? It’s so helpful!
  • Taking some 6 month photos of my gorgeous niece, Milly! She is about to be 7 months old, but it’s the thought that counts, right?
  • Getting an MRI and bloodwork done to try to figure out this weird muscle spasm I’ve had a few times! My doctor thinks it’s actually just from lack of sleep… so I should probably quit writing and go to sleep right now!
  • Doing Parent/Teacher Conferences for both of the girls! Ah, we are so in love with their school and their teachers this year! I just can’t express that enough!! The feedback was so sweet and makes me such a proud mama.
  • Checking in on the new build with the electrician and our builder! They are actually making progress – hoorah!
  • Going to family dinner with my parents to El Tiempo! I have been craving a margarita like crazy lately, which is so strange since I never used to like them. Their skinny margarita is so good!
  • Going to church at Bayou City Fellowship on Sunday morning – the 10:30am service for the first time ever, since Daylight Savings has still got Emi all out of whack and she’s been going down for a nap at 8:30am, if that tells you anything about when she’s waking up!
  • Last, but not least – spontaneously buying a ticket at 4pm on Sunday for a 5:30pm Disney on Ice show! I literally cried the first 5 or 6 minutes of the show just from watching Isla’s mesmerized face. She was so in awe and loved every second of the show, but was also a bit disappointed that Paw Patrol did not come on at the end… I had somehow mixed up Disney on Ice and Paw Patrol Live, which is also in town right now. Whoopsies!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and are enjoying the start to your week already! xo

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