I absolutely cannot wrap my head around the fact that we’ll be in the month of December on Friday. This Friday. And that means 2018 is literally right around the corner. Ah! I’m not ready. The past holiday week was so much fun. We spent lots of time with family – both my side and Sasha’s too. I love Thanksgiving! I also need to go on a juice cleanse that lasts three weeks, but thats another story.

Some of the highlights from the past week include:

  • Celebrating Thanksgiving with my family on Wednesday – a day early since my little sister is in her residency and didn’t have Thursday off! My mom made Indian food and it was delicious. We ended the evening with a game of Monikers – it’s our favorite.
  • Doing a 6 mile run at Memorial Park with Sasha, Isla and Emi on Thursday morning then celebrating Thanksgiving at Sasha’s Aunt Zlata’s house with his whole family and my parents came too!
  • Eating at El Tiempo on Saturday night with all of Sasha’s cousins. It’s an annual tradition to go out after Thanksgiving and we had so. much. fun. Maybe even a little too much fun? But the diaper dance at Concrete Cowboy is now going to be a tradition for sure.
  • Celebrating Serbian ‘Slava’ at Sasha’s mom and stepdad’s house on Tuesday. They always make the most amazing food. I left absolutely stuffed (reiterating the need for a juice cleanse!).
  • Eating dinner with my Dad on Sunday at our house while Mum went to a play with a friend!
  • Taking family photos, pictures for Meredith, Milly’s 7 month photos, Will and Lesley’s engagement photos, blueberry swaddle photos for Sarah of By George Baby Boutique, and Carrie’sย daughter’sย 5 month photos! Lots of editing (and I’m still going!!).
  • Visiting the new house many times – more details to come on our design process soon!
  • Spending quality time with McKenzie while she was in town!
  • Catching up with one of my dearest friends, Andrew, and his girlfriend, Lisa, while he was in town for the holiday. Andrew and I were close friends in high school then spent a whole summer together in Paris – I wish I got to see him more often!

I hope your break was wonderful. Are you counting down to Christmas or wishing 2017 would never end? xo

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