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Nest Cameras as Kid Monitors

We recently installed Nest cameras in both of the girls’ rooms, and it’s pretty crazy for us to now think about not having a way to watch Isla once her bedroom door is closed (we haven’t since she was about 12 months old!). It’s free entertainment! I will read her stories, say our prayers, kiss her goodnight, then leave the room. And then the magic begins. Ha. Pajama changes, headbands on, new books, more stuffed animals in bed, etc. I feel like we’ve been missing out for ages. But the best part about the Nest cameras are the playback. Isla has had some sweet moments, which I’ve loved listening to over and over and over again (like her prayer I wrote about here), and also some of sheer terror. The other night, I told her that she had to share her Elsa character with Emi, and she started sobbing, told me she didn’t love me anymore, then grabbed her ‘star chart’ and tore it up… which caused even more tears, as she asked me to glue it back together and told me she was so sorry and wanted me to be her mommy again. I laughed and cried re-watching that!

Our New Newborn Favorites: Lulla Doll

If you follow me on Instagram (@snapshotsandmythoughts), you will be very familiar with Emi’s Lulla Doll. If Emi ever starts to cry, you’ll here Isla running around the house looking for Lulla, then once she’s found her, “Don’t cry, Boo Boo, I’m bringing you Looooooola!” In short: she’s obsessed.  I don’t know if it’s how soft Lulla is, her perfect-to-hold size, how she tastes (kidding, but Emi is always chewing on her), or her soothing heart beat sound, but she helps Emi fall asleep for all of her naps and at bedtime. We bring her everywhere.

Before Emi had her Lulla, she was sleeping with a blanket, typically pulled up close to her face and it made me so nervous. With her doll snuggled next to her, there is so much space for her to breathe, I don’t worry. They are the cutest little sleeping buddies. Also, there is a velcro attachment that tucks into the back pouch in case you want to use it to attach to the crib vs. having her in the crib.

So when my sweet contact at Roro offered to sponsor a post, I said no, because I don’t want to get paid to tell you how much we love her, but… I did want a second Lulla! Ha. We’ve struggled to wash her, since Miss Emilia wants to hold her all day long. I’ve spoken to others who saw Lulla on my Instagram then bought her, and the consensus is in: she is loved by all babies. You can read other stories of babies loving their dolls on their website here.

The Lulla doll costs $69, with $5 shipping in the US. Her heart beat sound is activated by pushing down on the button for 2 seconds. The calming sounds play for eight hours – so I usually go and reset it right before I go to sleep, so that she can hear it all night long. Since we constantly have it on, I found that the batteries didn’t last very long, so I bought this 4-pack of rechargeable AAA batteries and charger. That way two batteries are always in Lulla, and another two are charging.

Others in the ‘new newborn favorites’ series are the Solly Wrap, Owlet Monitor, DockATot and 4Moms Infant Tub.

Happy Half-Birthday, Emi!

Yesterday, Emilia celebrated her half-birthday – a holiday reserved for 6 month olds and people whose birthday is on Christmas (looking at you, Meredith!). We spent the morning swimming at my parent’s house in Katy. They’re in Scotland, so we had the place to ourselves! Sasha is a superhuman, so he rode his bike the 20-odd miles there in 90 degree heat (yikes!). Unfortunately, I forgot to grab his clothes he laid out, so the photos I wanted to take of him and the girls didn’t end up happening! Alas, Emi’s 6 month photos are just me, her and Isla (thanks, babe!). 

Since I forgot to do a five month update, I’ve included photos and details on Emi’s life at this two markers. In summary: she’s the biggest blessing I could have imagined and everything I ever prayed for and more. I’ve told Sasha a million times: she’s the dangerous kind that makes you want ten more. If only I could deal with ten more pregnancies! Ha.

Happy Father’s Day!

Happiest Father’s Day to all of the amazing dads out there. I am so lucky to have the most incredible, devoted husband who loves our girls unconditionally. He is most happy when he’s surrounded by “his girls” (Emilia, Isla, me and Belle). He works hard to provide us the best life we could imagine and is always scheming up ways to make it better. Sasha is a huge dreamer, and we love that about him! He is an excellent role model to both of his daughters, and I hope they inherit his drive to be the best version of themselves. He always wants to ‘mazi’ (Serbian word for snuggle), and I pray we’re still mazing as a family for many, many years to come!

Sending a ‘Happy Father’s Day’ message to my Dad too! He’s in Houston right now – we thought we’d be celebrating together in Durango, but he is recovering from surgery last week. I could not love my dad more than I do. He makes me laugh (potentially more than anyone in the world). There are so many things that I do and think, ‘Wow, I am just a clone of my father.’ Ha! Sasha thinks so as well.

I’m beyond blessed to have these two dads in my life (and Sasha’s amazing dad, LJ, too!). I took a few photos of Sasha and his girls the other day, and I basically want them framed all over the house. Family photos without me in them? Favorites. Ha! 

Hope you have the best day with the ones you love!

Our New Newborn Favorites: Solly Wrap

While on vacation, I haven’t shared any other ‘new newborn favorites’ (previously talked about the Owlet Monitor, DockATot and 4Moms Infant Tub), but the product I’m sharing today is one that I use every single day (especially while here in Durango). I swear it’s a must-have for moms with two or more kids. The Solly Wrap (mine is Tigerlily) is the easiest, most comfortable way to ‘baby wear.’ With Isla, we used the BABYBJORN carrier, which we still love, but this wrap is so soft and Emi almost always falls asleep as soon as she’s put into it. I am able to use both my hands to play with and help Isla, while having Emilia wrapped snug on my chest. Plus, it puts her head in the perfect place for all of the kisses! 

I love the different colors and patterns of the Solly Wraps, and this is the gift I’ve been buying for second time moms. Emi spends at least three hours every day in it – truly! We walked to the Durango Rec Center yesterday, which is two miles away, and she slept in it on the way there and the way back! It makes my life so much easier. I love having Emi on my chest versus having her in the stroller, because we’re getting skin-to-skin time. There are plenty of benefits of baby wearing, many outlined in this useful article.

What about you? Did you baby wear? Have you tried a Solly Wrap? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Sharing some photos below of my wrap that my sweet friend Courtney Leigh took for us on her property in Montgomery!