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Happy Father’s Day!

June 18, 2017

Happiest Father’s Day to all of the amazing dads out there. I am so lucky to have the most incredible, devoted husband who loves our girls unconditionally. He is most happy when he’s surrounded by “his girls” (Emilia, Isla, me and Belle). He works hard to provide us the best life we could imagine and is always scheming up ways to make it better. Sasha is a huge dreamer, and we love that about him! He is an excellent role model to both of his daughters, and I hope they inherit his drive to be the best version of themselves. He always wants to ‘mazi’ (Serbian word for snuggle), and I pray we’re still mazing as a family for many, many years to come!

Sending a ‘Happy Father’s Day’ message to my Dad too! He’s in Houston right now – we thought we’d be celebrating together in Durango, but he is recovering from surgery last week. I could not love my dad more than I do. He makes me laugh (potentially more than anyone in the world). There are so many things that I do and think, ‘Wow, I am just a clone of my father.’ Ha! Sasha thinks so as well.

I’m beyond blessed to have these two dads in my life (and Sasha’s amazing dad, LJ, too!). I took a few photos of Sasha and his girls the other day, and I basically want them framed all over the house. Family photos without me in them? Favorites. Ha! 

Hope you have the best day with the ones you love!

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Our New Newborn Favorites: Solly Wrap

June 16, 2017

While on vacation, I haven’t shared any other ‘new newborn favorites’ (previously talked about the Owlet Monitor, DockATot and 4Moms Infant Tub), but the product I’m sharing today is one that I use every single day (especially while here in Durango). I swear it’s a must-have for moms with two or more kids. The Solly Wrap (mine is Tigerlily) is the easiest, most comfortable way to ‘baby wear.’ With Isla, we used the BABYBJORN carrier, which we still love, but this wrap is so soft and Emi almost always falls asleep as soon as she’s put into it. I am able to use both my hands to play with and help Isla, while having Emilia wrapped snug on my chest. Plus, it puts her head in the perfect place for all of the kisses! 

I love the different colors and patterns of the Solly Wraps, and this is the gift I’ve been buying for second time moms. Emi spends at least three hours every day in it – truly! We walked to the Durango Rec Center yesterday, which is two miles away, and she slept in it on the way there and the way back! It makes my life so much easier. I love having Emi on my chest versus having her in the stroller, because we’re getting skin-to-skin time. There are plenty of benefits of baby wearing, many outlined in this useful article.

What about you? Did you baby wear? Have you tried a Solly Wrap? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Sharing some photos below of my wrap that my sweet friend Courtney Leigh took for us on her property in Montgomery!

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Emi at Three and Four Months

May 30, 2017

Ah, here we have it – another example of “second child syndrome” – totally missing Emilia’s three month update! Ha. I searched for it when I started writing this post, then realized I just forgot to post one, something I would never have done with Isla. Alas, today’s post is a combined ‘happy three-and-four-month-iversary’ to Miss Emilia. Which reminds me… I really should start her baby book! Ha.

First, I’m sharing what she was up to at three months, plus some of my favorite photos from that point. Below that, I have her four month update and some more recent photos. For comparison, you can read her previous updates and what Isla was up to at the same age! In some photos, I think they look so similar, and in others, I don’t even think they look related! 

Emi at One Month | Emi at Two Months // Isla at Three Months | Isla at Four Months

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Our New Newborn Favorites: Owlet Monitor

April 12, 2017

This is the third blog post in my ‘New Newborn Favorite’ series, as I started with a review of the 4moms Infant Tub, and then more recently talked about my love of the DockATot. The baby item I’m talking about today is my most, most favorite product we own – the Owlet Monitor. I have had a number of people message me on Instagram after I’ve posted photos of it on my Story, and they all ask me if it’s worth the money (it retails for $299). I wish I could properly express my enthusiasm over the internet, as my answer is “Yes, yes, YES!” I think everyone should be given one of these monitors as they leave the hospital, as I believe that it brings so much peace of mind to parents with newborn babies. read more

Our New Newborn Favorites: DockATot

April 4, 2017

The second baby product that we didn’t have when Isla was a newborn (in 2014!) is a DockATot (you can read the first post in the series about the 4moms Tub here). The first time I ever saw one was this time last year, when one of my best friends brought her two kiddos over to our house for us to babysit while they went to a wedding shower. Kirby put Henry in the DockATot and he slept soundly for the entire duration of their visit (despite my efforts to wake him up because I wanted to snuggle!).

Emi napped and slept in our Rock N Play for her first five or six weeks, which we also used for Isla. But about two weeks ago, we started using the DockATot in the crib for her naps and during the night. Just this week, we moved the DockATot to our bed, as I have struggled to stay awake in the glider during nighttime feedings, but for some reason am able to stay awake if I am sitting upright in our bed. I was always too scared to co-sleep given all of the horror stories you read online, but with the DockATot, we don’t have to worry about anything happening to Emi while she’s sleeping. Since moving her to our bed, her sleep has improved a lot and she’s down to one 2:30am feed, which we’re going to try to eliminate this week (per our pediatrician’s recommendation).  read more