I’ve got house decorating on my mind. I’m still holding out for the Manor (can hopefully explain later!). As for now, I’m on a classic yet notable, comfy sofa search. What do you think about the finds below? I just adore the first one. Also, check out the last picture – why do blue chevrons pop up in all of my favorite findings? It must be fate.

Click on the images above to link to the original files.


  1. I couldn’t find everything I wanted in one couch; hence, I went to Basset furniture and designed my own. I just bought a custom-made white micro-fiber sectional for 4k. If you are willing to spend the money and enjoy custom-made furniture, go to Basset.

  2. Dying! I am obsessed with all these! Need to share them with Barby! My living room is still a white canvas, these are great ideas! You
    Are going to have the cutest home ever!!

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