Bryan texted me last night and said, “The house is starting to look like a home.” It was a small statement, but the sentiment was huge. I feel the same way! All of the little touches are coming together and although Sasha and I have agreed not to nail anything into the walls for another few weeks (I’m beginning to cave), we have ordered a few prints and I’m leaning them on the walls for now. I move out of my apartment in two weeks (seriously depressed – I’ve absolutely had the best year of my life living with McKenzie), and back into my parents – with the exception of my furniture, which will go into The Manor. A busy few weeks ahead! I’ll keep you all posted as always.


1) Furbish Studio Feather Print I, 2) Three French Prints from One Love Studio on Etsy, 3) New Moroccan print rug for the Master room (awaiting rug pad, which is why it’s not flat!), 4) Our second Maxwell couch from Restoration Hardware arrived!, 5) Constant supply of yellow tulips for the very yellow kitchen, 6) Finally filling out the bookshelves with real books (slowly but surely)


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