I love calligraphy. Not the old school copperplate kind, but contemporary lettering. This sounds absurd, but I could look at cursive lettering all day long. I have looked into taking classes in Houston, but everyone I find seems to teach the super slanted, loopy calligraphy, and I’m not interested in learning that. When Amy and Riley at Papellerie showed me our logo and invitations with Michele of Meant To Be Calligraphy‘s handwriting, I swooned. “That is the type of calligraphy I want to learn,” I thought to myself. While my handwriting is far from perfect, I do have a very steady hand and am constantly doodling cursive words in meetings and at church (while paying attention, of course!). Michele lives in DC and holds workshops at a local venue, and I’m going to one in February. I’m extraordinarily excited to take my first class (with my mom!) and also to have another trip to one of my favorite cities in the US. Have you been to DC before? If not, you should. Perhaps just to eat the veggie burger and popcorn at Founding Farmers.




  1. this is awesome! so tell me how long the workshop is. i love that you’re doing it with your mom.

    i agree with you in the type of lettering i like. the class i took was a bit too formal calligraphy for me. the updated version is much more fun. and dc is one of my favorite cities! so jealous!

    • i’m very excited (as you can tell) – it’s only for four hours (i think?). I’ll have to convince sasha to buy me a ticket to go to to the second class as well!!! I love dc too!

  2. I have been looking for a modern style calligraphy class in Houston as well. There is one in The Heights March 6 that I was hoping to attend, but it is currently full. You can get on the wait list here: Lauren the girl who teaches the classes teaches all over TX. Hope this helps!

    • Hi Amy, Your site/company is amazing! I’m so intrigued – I’ll definitely keep your services in mind for the future. As for the calligraphy class, it’s funny you bring up the Blue Eye Brown Eye class, because I had never heard of Lauren until my friend tagged me in the Instagram post and I signed up immediately! Hopefully you get in on the waitlist!!

      • Thanks! That’s awesome you got signed up! Maybe you can do a follow up post to this one on your calligraphy adventures in DC and Houston whenever you finish both classes. I would be interested to hear your thoughts on both.

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