Week in Review

January 17, 2017

Happy Tuesday! Who doesn’t love a three-day weekend? I didn’t know that Sasha was going to have MLK Day off, so mistakenly booked myself up, but it was nice to have him home so that he and Isla could spend the day together (and adding it as a work holiday to my calendar for next year!). Things are definitely winding down with photography, as I’m mainly only editing photos for fun now (a few blog photos scheduled before my due date and one newborn session, but that’s it!). I’m trying to catch up with friends before I become sleep deprived, and spent a lot of the past week running errands and buying things for the nursery (hello four trips to Target!). Some highlights from the week included:

  • Meeting Jessica and sweet Olivia for lunch at Local Foods, catching up and snapping a few outfit photos for her blog – Feather Thread!
  • Having my 37 week appointment and hearing good news that Emi is progressing as she should! Anxious to meet her, but definitely need to get some good nights of sleep before she arrives!
  • Photographing Isla in the Valentina cuteheads dress, which I’m seriously in love with (and Isla is too!)
  • Meeting Destiny in Eado for a really fun Valentine’s Day-inspired shoot – we photographed 5 outfits (praises to her for changing in a car four times at the end of her third trimester!). Make sure to read TrulyDestiny.com to see photos from the shoot! We then met up again on Friday for a much needed prenatal massage and poolside relaxation at Trellis (the Houstonian spa). We’ve been together before and think it definitely needs to become more routine! That place is heavenly!
  • Going to Alex’s wedding rehearsal on Friday night and having family MOD dinner night, then celebrating her nuptials on Saturday. Isla was the flower girl and it was so special to be a part of their celebration. Alex looked like a goddess – she is so gorgeous! They’re off on their honeymoon now, and I’m jealous of the sunshine!
  • Having my family over for Sunday dinner (we picked up Niko Nikos because I have no energy to cook for 8 people!) and doing a game of Monikers, which is the absolute best!
  • Celebrating Megan and sweet baby Isabel at a shower at Ousie’s Table. It was such a good brunch and I loved catching up with the ladies who went!
  • Photographing my older sister’s gorgeous house which will be on the market soon – will share more details after it’s listed!
  • Getting a BabyBjorn Bouncer in the mail! This is definitely one of our favorite baby companies and I cannot wait to use it with Emi.

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Week in Review

January 9, 2017

I’m 36 weeks and three days pregnant as of today, and I’m nervous the next three weeks are going to crawl by at a snail’s pace. We’re finally out of the holiday season at our house, after celebrating Serbian Christmas on Saturday with his family. It was my favorite Serbian Christmas yet, with lots of laughter, good conversation, delicious food and a fun game of Secret Santa (I got the most cozy shawl ever!). Last week, I had a set of blogger photos, headshots and family photos all postponed (two from sickness, one from weather), so I had a much-needed restful week (filled with a million errands, of course, but those felt good to take care of!).

Before launching into my week’s highlights, I wanted to mention that I’ve been wearing my Daniel Wellington Classic Black Sheffield 40mm Rose Gold + Classic Cuff Rose Gold Large nonstop lately, and that Daniel Wellington is offering Snapshots & My Thoughts readers 15% off orders using SNAPSHOTS15 as the code. Valentine’s Day is a little over a month away, and I think that this would be the perfect gift! Hint, hint, husbands.

Some of our most joy-filled moments of last week include:

  • Taking down all of our Christmas decorations on Sunday after Christmas celebrations on Saturday! I didn’t quite believe the whole ‘nesting’ thing when I was pregnant with Isla, but I’m feeling the strongest desire to have a spot-free, organized house with this pregnancy, so the fact that our house looks ‘normal’ again makes me so happy!
  • Doing a Sprinkles stop after running five errands with Isla, which naturally feels like ten when you have a toddler in tow. Isla loves eating alllllll of the icing!
  • Going to my 36 week appointment and making sure Emi was growing as she should. I am pretty sure that was the last time I need blood drawn for this pregnancy, which makes me so insanely happy.
  • Catching up with Meredith as she dropped off a dress for Alex’s wedding this weekend – I can’t wait!
  • Taking Isla back to school after the holidays – she literally ran down the hallway to her classroom. I love how much she loves it!
  • Being treated to a prenatal massage (Christmas gift from my sister-in-law) with Well Family Houston. I received my treatment from Brandie Mitchell, whom I loved! I highly recommend getting a prenatal massage with her!
  • Having Karine babysit while I looked at houses with my sister-in-law and brother-in-law! I am so hopeful that they’ll get the one we love!
  • Taking family photos of the sweetest little boy, Jack! 
  • Eating lunch with Brittany at Adair Kitchen and catching up after what feels like an eternity!
  • Visiting the Houston Polo Club with Ivana, who showed us around and told us which horses were friendly enough to pet. Isla was on cloud 9!
  • Tackling a new Target decor project, since I’m almost done with the nursery, and like I mentioned earlier, clearly nesting!

Hope you had the best week and are staying warm! It looks like the whole country was freezing this weekend! xo

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Introducing Buoy Health

January 4, 2017

In 2013, one of my best friends, Andrew Le, started a company with three others –  Adam Lathram, Nathanael Ren, and Eddie Reyes – seeking to revolutionize the healthcare industry, specifically how people used the internet to self-diagnose. In 2015, they landed on the name Buoy. Their goal was simple, really – to build a healthcare companion that provides people more reliable, tailored information than what was currently available on the internet (for example, WebMD). What it does is very much like texting a real doctor: after telling it what’s going on, Buoy’s algorithm automatically asks you twenty questions to figure out what diagnoses are most likely and what to do about it (stay at home, see a doctor, etc). If needed, Buoy can even connect you with doctors nearby. read more

Week(s) in Review

January 2, 2017

Happy New Year! I am so excited for 2017 – namely because it’s the year that our baby girl will be born and also because our house should be completed by November/December (fingers crossed!). I’m seriously amazed by how quickly the past two weeks have flown by! Sasha has been traveling every week for work, but was here since the 15th and we have loved soaking up his time and attention. We seriously miss him when he’s gone!

Some of the biggest highlights from the last 14 days include:

  • Spending Christmas Eve at the Bayou City Fellowship service, then driving to my parent’s house in Katy, where we watched Chevy Chase’s Christmas Vacation (for the nine zillionth year in a row, and I’m not complaining!). We woke up on Christmas to stockings filled with goodies and lots of presents under the tree, and watching Isla’s excitement as she opened everything was so priceless. She basically owns everything Minnie Mouse now – umbrella, dolls, shoes, bows, socks, underwear, robe, etc. Lucky little lady!
  • Celebrating Meredith’s 30th birthday (which was on Christmas) at her incredible NYE bash! It was held at the Sugar & Cloth studio, and every single detail was unreal. She’s definitely the hostess with the mostess!
  • Spending the rest of NYE at the Jarvises house with our friends, the Duseks – of course, everyone was in bed well before midnight, but we had a delicious dinner and great time catching up beforehand! Isla was very excited to see fireworks for the first time.
  • Photographing the Dunk, Conaway, and Bandini families and also snapping photos for the MacLean’s pregnancy announcement – I loved capturing these fun moments!
  • Having our new house’s lot cleared and made ready for construction, which should start at the end of February! 
  • Going to dinner with the Thompsons before they headed to Las Vegas for Christmas. Isla and Truman are so, so sweet together!!
  • Almost completing the nursery – just have two pieces from By George Baby Boutique, a new ficus from Houston Interior Plants, a print from Meg Grant and a painting by Jamie Sawicki and then it’s officially done! I can’t wait to share photos.

The only real low-point was a trip to the Labor & Delivery ER after I had a few fainting spells, fortunately while I was at my 34 week checkup. It turns out I was really dehydrated, but both Emi and I are okay, despite getting jabbed far too many times to make sure that was the case!

Hope you had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Cheers to 2017!

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Our 2016 Christmas Cards

December 21, 2016

If you’ve been following along for awhile, it will come as no surprise that I love stationery. Therefore, I try to do something fun every year for our Christmas cards. In 2013, our card came in the form of a Christmas ornament. In 2014, it doubled as a gift tag (it detached from our photo, of course). You can see our 2015 cards here, which came with a Naughty or Nice scratch-off. This year, I ordered collage cards from Artifact Uprising (using photos by Courtney Leigh) and envelopes from Minted, and then sent fake snow to everyone with custom labels from Meg of Meg Grant & Co. Unfortunately, not all of the envelopes traveled as well as I had expected, so some people had a little snow explosion when they opened their cards! Whoops! I have seen lots of adorable photos and videos of people playing with their snow, which makes my creative heart so happy!

Do you send Christmas cards? Did you receive any favorites? I’d love to hear about them!  read more