Week in Review

August 15, 2016

I am seriously losing track of time over here! I’m trying to recall the past seven days for my weekly post, and am struggling to do so! We traveled from Colorado to Texas (16+ hours!) overnight on Wednesday, so basically I can write Thursday off as a total haze. Friday was spent catching up on laundry, cleaning, errands, groceries, etc. in the morning, and then we went to my parent’s house in the afternoon to see some of our closest friends (basically family) who were visiting from Scotland. We spent Saturday morning and early afternoon with Destiny, Sid and Truman, and the evening with Sasha’s mom. Sunday called for church at Bayou City Fellowship, then spent the afternoon in Katy, before returning home to clean up the evolving nursery! I have almost ordered every big piece, except for a new chair and a dresser, which I’m looking to have custom made. There’s a reason for the rush, which I’ll share soon!

Our last few days in Durango were spent eating at our favorite restaurants, doing our favorite hikes, going on long bike rides, dipping our feet in the freezing cold Animas River, and relaxing at the house before returning to reality! We’re heading to San Francisco in a week (cannot wait!!!) and then back to Houston for a week before turning back around and going to Colorado for a week and a bit. So chaotic, but we love it! Then life will return to normalcy afterwards!

Hope you had a great week!! xo

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Week(s) in Review

August 8, 2016

Happiest Monday! We’re still here in Durango, but will leave in a few days. I don’t think we’re ready for the heat of Houston, but I’m missing our family and friends at home. We’ve got another trip to Colorado planned in early September (after a short visit to San Francisco!), so it won’t be long until we return.

Two of our closest friends, Brett and Kirby, drove from Oklahoma and got here early Tuesday morning with their two adorable kiddos – “Ohhhh Baby Henry” and Lillian (also referred to by Isla as “Livi” and “Olivia” for 90% of the their stay). We love them so much, and had such a fun week hiking, playing at the park, swimming at the rec center, going on long walks, playing Taboo, and eating lots of delicious food. The house feels so quiet and lonely now that they’re gone!

I snapped quite a few (ahem, a ton) of photos of the kids, so prepare yourself for lots of hugs ahead:

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Big News!

July 31, 2016

CLP(52of123)v2We are so very excited to share the news that we’re expecting another baby girl, due February 3 (her Aunt/’Tetka’ Ivana’s birthday!). Isla already talks about her little sister all of the time and likes to put her head on my stomach to try to hear her. We’re looking forward to watching her in the role of big sis’ (although we’re aware it’s not always a walk in the park!). Little one already has a name, which we plan on sharing later this week!

I’m 13 weeks and 2 days and finally starting to feel less nauseous, which I am pretty happy about! Before we left Texas, we took some family photos with my sweet and insanely talented friend, Courtney Brown (website // IG), near her house. Despite it being 99 degrees outside, it was the perfect evening, and I’m thrilled with how the photos came out. 

I am so, so grateful for the wonderful people involved in these photos, including Courtney Leigh‘s photography // Hair and makeup by Britt Lais of Butter Artistry // Floral crowns and garlands from Maggie of Bramble & Bee // Chairs from Aztec // Isla’s dress from Gap Kids // Isla’s bow from Willow Crowns // My dress from Copper Theory // Monica at Paper Flour Ink for her name announcement! Can’t wait to share that!

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Week in Review

July 27, 2016

We’re leaving for Colorado this evening (driving… yikes!), and so the past two days have been crazy, trying to fit things in before we head out of town. So despite the dreaded 15 hour car ride, I am very, very ready for this vacation! Two of our best friends are meeting us in Durango with their two adorable kiddos, and I’m so eager for the reunion (tons and tons of impending photos!). 

Last week flew by quickly, and it was a wonderful as a whole, although we did have one low point. Our family’s dog, Missy, was put to sleep on Friday, leaving us very sad. Missy has been a part of our family for over a decade, and we’ll all miss her!

Some of the happy moments from the past week included:

  • Shooting with Carrie, Lyndsey and Elly all across town for their blogs
  • Taking family photos for Lauren of Laureen Loves – Braden was too, too cute
  • Having a splash pad play date with Destiny and Truman at the most fun pool close to their house
  • Eating lunch with Megan, Alexis, Destiny and Courtney at Ruggles Green – the kids were red in the face from running around the Green! It is so hot outside right now
  • Co-hosting Jessica’s baby shower at our house
  • Taking product photos for Mari of M+M Couture
  • Going to church at Bayou City Fellowship with Sasha’s Aunt Zlata and then lunch at Counter Burger with Bob and Ivana (we also ate pizza at MOD with them on Friday – so happy Ivana is back in Houston!!!) 
  • Eating dinner with my family at our house on Thursday before my parents headed out of town on Saturday to go to the UK
  • Celebrating our three year anniversary – to be celebrated with an actual date night at some point soon

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Week in Review

July 19, 2016

It’s Tuesday, feels like Thursday… but what’s new? This week is busy busy busy, but I’ll be seeing lots of my favorite faces, so I’m predicting it’ll be a very happy week. 

Last week was ever so slightly ridiculous, filled with lots of photos, two funerals for Sasha’s sweet grandma (“Baba”) – one in Houston and one in Arkansas, a playdate to Montgomery with Courtney Brown, and other highlights, including:

  • Having Brittany and Meg over to the house to prep for Jessica’s shower this weekend!
  • Going to Arkansas for the weekend – although we were there for a sad reason, it was nice to be able to celebrate Baba’s life with family
  • Going to Lyndsey’s house for cuteheads ice cream party with some other sweet mamas whom I love! 
  • Doing my Global Entry interview at the airport, which I passed (not really an interview), but annoyed because I have to go back to do it again with Isla! I had no clue!
  • Photographing Natalie Weakly and a bridal client of hers at City Center // Molly for blog outfits and also for a fun chocolate post with Kathleen of Beauty Now App and Katie of Mirth Caftans – they’re all so nice and inspiring // Elly at Uptown Park // Destiny and Sid in downtown Houston // Lilly at an On Point Custom Homes pool
  • Seeing the McMullen twin girls for more swaddle photos for By George Baby Boutique!
  • Visiting Courtney and her girls at their house in Montgomery and meeting her husband, Matthew!
  • On a sad note, our sweet life-saver, Karina, left to go back to Mexico to visit family and friends! We are going to miss her! Isla starts school in just a few weeks though – I cannot believe it! I think she’s going to love Mother’s Day Out!! 

Hope you are having the best week so far! xo

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