Week in Review

April 24, 2017

Happiest, happiest Monday! The first Monday of my sweet niece’s life! Milly Rose Hetz was born last Wednesday, April 19 at 1:57pm, weighing 6 pounds 15 ounces and measuring 20 inches long. In summary: she is perfect (it’s totally normal to be emotional about this and start crying as I’m typing, right?). Ivana, Bob and Milly left the hospital on Saturday and are currently living with us, as their house renovations aren’t complete yet. It’s definitely a full house, but I absolutely love it and know we’ll laugh about the time four adults, two newborns and a toddler all lived under one roof!

The week was a busy one, with two big photo shoots (one with Meredith for a hair product and one with Meg Grant)! Trying to get through most of the editing before we head to San Antonio tomorrow. My little sister, Jill, was a huge blessing as I didn’t realize Isla had school off on Monday, so she tagged along to babysit – which basically meant back-to-back Moana! I also had lunch with two of my favorite gals, Amanda and Destiny (oh, and Isla and Emilia too!) at True Food Kitchen.

I went to my dear friend, Carter’s wedding shower on Saturday night, and we hung out with Kirby (Emi’s Godmother) and Lillian on Sunday! Sasha’s mom is back from Serbia, so it’s been great catching up with her too!

Time to get back to work! Hope y’all have the best week. I cannot wait to get to Austin on Friday to celebrate one of my best friend’s wedding! xo

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Week in Review

April 18, 2017

I hope everyone had a very happy Easter Sunday! We had a busy day, which started with church at Bayou City Fellowship, then we went to my parent’s house for an egg hunt with my aunts and cousin, Lyra, who were visiting from London. After we ate lunch and the girls raced around the yard for eggs, we headed to Sasha’s cousin’s house for another party and hunt. Needless to say, Isla was in bed around 6pm, which (unfortunately) is an hour-or-so before she typically would go to sleep. The sugar crash was so real!

Since we don’t get to see my aunts or cousin often, we spent a lot of time with them during the past week, which we loved – most especially, Isla, who adores Lyra. There was a lot of time spent in the pool, and we even met in the Heights for lunch at Ruggles Green, play time at Donovan Park and popsicles at Steel City Pops. 

My best friend was also in town from Chicago with her boyfriend, Bryan, so we got to see them on Thursday, along with our friend Amanda. Isla was on cloud nine, and kept Bryan very busy! 

The girls and I ran a ton of errands that I had been procrastinating doing the week before, like dry cleaning, groceries, USPS, UPS, returns to Target, etc. The best “errand” we did was getting our nails done (Isla and I, while Emi slept). I’m not a big fan of mani/pedis, but it was definitely more fun with Isla sitting next to me – the stillest she has ever been! We got Bahama Bucks after school on Monday too, which was definitely a highlight – that Thin Ice Super Sour Apple is so delicious!

I had the honor of taking our friends’ newborn photos. Sweet Parker is so gorgeous and I think she looks just like her mama, Erin. I cannot wait for Parker and Emi to become best friends!

Meredith and I got an impromptu juice at Adair Kitchen, and I attended Isla’s Easter party at school! We did our traditional MOD Pizza night on Friday, with Palacinke (crepes) Saturday with Ivana and Bob – they’ll miss out on this Friday, as they’ll be in the hospital with sweet Milly. I am so insanely excited to meet my sweet niece! Expect a million photos to follow. 

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Our New Newborn Favorites: Owlet Monitor

April 12, 2017

This is the third blog post in my ‘New Newborn Favorite’ series, as I started with a review of the 4moms Infant Tub, and then more recently talked about my love of the DockATot. The baby item I’m talking about today is my most, most favorite product we own – the Owlet Monitor. I have had a number of people message me on Instagram after I’ve posted photos of it on my Story, and they all ask me if it’s worth the money (it retails for $299). I wish I could properly express my enthusiasm over the internet, as my answer is “Yes, yes, YES!” I think everyone should be given one of these monitors as they leave the hospital, as I believe that it brings so much peace of mind to parents with newborn babies. read more

Week in Review

April 10, 2017

Holy cow, this weekend flew by. Emi and I took a road trip to Dallas on Saturday morning to celebrate alongside one of my best friends, Georgia, and her fiancé, Thompson, at their wedding shower. The party was gorgeous, and I’m still obsessing over her amazing Ellie Tahari beaded top – all the while kicking myself for not taking any photos of them! I guess that’s what happens when you’re carrying a baby in your arms the whole time (hello, 30k step day!)! We hit the road around 7:30am on Sunday, heading back to Houston to celebrate Destiny’s daughter’s blessing! Tatum is seriously the most angelic baby girl – we snapped some photos of her earlier in the week. 

Some highlights from the week include:

  • Eating dinner on Sunday with my aunts and cousin, Lyra, who will be six in a week-and-a-bit – Isla absolutely loves playing with her!
  • Catching up with Jess while taking photos for her blog, Feather Thread!
  • Muffins with Mom at Isla’s school, which was funny as she kept telling me she wanted to do Donuts with Daddy instead. I am telling myself it was really just the donuts she wanted!
  • Catching up with Leah during a visit to The Monogram Shop!
  • MOD pizza and Moana – the most recent Friday tradition. Movie night is now just dubbed Moana night. We are all obsessed!

I am totally braindead, and probably had the best lunch ever with a friend that I totally can’t recall! I’m trying to catch up on edits today and desperately need to get to HEB. A case of the Mondays over here. Hope you have the best week! xo

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Our New Newborn Favorites: DockATot

April 4, 2017

The second baby product that we didn’t have when Isla was a newborn (in 2014!) is a DockATot (you can read the first post in the series about the 4moms Tub here). The first time I ever saw one was this time last year, when one of my best friends brought her two kiddos over to our house for us to babysit while they went to a wedding shower. Kirby put Henry in the DockATot and he slept soundly for the entire duration of their visit (despite my efforts to wake him up because I wanted to snuggle!).

Emi napped and slept in our Rock N Play for her first five or six weeks, which we also used for Isla. But about two weeks ago, we started using the DockATot in the crib for her naps and during the night. Just this week, we moved the DockATot to our bed, as I have struggled to stay awake in the glider during nighttime feedings, but for some reason am able to stay awake if I am sitting upright in our bed. I was always too scared to co-sleep given all of the horror stories you read online, but with the DockATot, we don’t have to worry about anything happening to Emi while she’s sleeping. Since moving her to our bed, her sleep has improved a lot and she’s down to one 2:30am feed, which we’re going to try to eliminate this week (per our pediatrician’s recommendation).  read more