Week in Review

May 16, 2016

Happy Monday! Unsurprisingly, it is bucketing rain right now in Houston! We’re having some serious cabin fever. April showers were supposed to bring May flowers, not more showers, right? Hopefully it’s very lush in June! Ha. 

I leave for Durango on Thursday for my sister-in-law’s bachelorette party this weekend, and then I’m staying another two weeks. Sasha and Isla will join me and my parents on Sunday. I’m excited for a little vacation, and especially for the fun party ahead! The week before a long vacation is always hectic, so Lord help me to get through it!

Last week was jam packed with the following highlights:

  • Taking photos of:
    • Molly at her house and in the Heights
    • A mocktail/cocktail shoot with Meg, Monica, Meredith and cheerleader Brittany – find recipes on Meredith’s blog here
    • An Emerson Sloan fiesta party in West U
    • M+M Couture jewelry shoot in Piney Point
    • Alex near Dish Society
    • Destiny at CityCentre twice, followed by lunch at Ruggles Green and another time for dinner at Brios with Sid too! 
    • J. McLaughlin event on Tuesday evening hosted by Caroline
    • Elly in Rice Village
  • Running a million errands on Friday to prepare for Ivana’s bachelorette next weekend and Isla’s birthday party when we get back from Colorado, including two trips to Home Depot and USPS, HEB, Hobby Lobby, the dry cleaners, T.J. Maxx and Paper Source
  • Meeting with Monica to pickup some fun goodies for Isla’s party – then spending Friday night modgepodge-ing!
  • Going to Memorial City Mall on Sunday with my sister-in-law (who was in town briefly before heading to Chicago) to buy some stuff for the party! 
  • Having my Dad babysit solo for the first time while I photographed an event – he did such a great job. Isla is lucky to have the best Papa ever!
  • Celebrating Sasha’s mom’s birthday on Friday! 
  • Visiting Papellerie to pickup Isla’s invitations that I had help prepping with Molly and mailed out at the end of the week!
  • Giggling for ten+ minutes on Sunday night while reading Isla a bedtime story – she thinks that passing gas (‘Toot toot!’) is absolutely hysterical, and she had us laughing so hard as she tried her very best to keep them coming. I don’t think I’ve laughed that hard in ages, and as we were cracking up, all I could think was: I want this memory engrained in my brain forever. I just love her so much!

Hope you had a great week! Stay dry if you’re in Houston!!

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Week in Review

May 11, 2016

Well, it’s Tuesday evening now (ahem, Wednesday by the time I’m posting), and I’m only now getting around to writing this post! It’s already been a crazy week – six sets of photos done in 48 hours and when to get them edited? Yikes. Hoping I can catch up within the next few days.

A very quick recap of last week’s highlights:

  • Spending Mother’s Day with my Mom after church and then seeing Sasha’s mom for dinner! It’s one of my favorite holidays, but a little biased on that, right?
  • Meeting with Monica to discuss a fun project for Isla’s birthday party!
  • Stopping by Papellerie to pick up some gorgeous sets that I’m styling and photographing! Those ladies are so talented! 
  • Taking Townes’ newborn photos – he is seriously so adorable! Such an easy baby!
  • Photographing Natalie Weakly and a gaggle of gorgeous gals that she styled for Great Day Houston, Elly at CityCentre, Caroline at Rice University, Esther’s daughter’s beautiful nursery, new classes offered at DEFINE, and sweet Lainey’s second birthday portraits!
  • Going to Valentina’s slava and spending time with Sasha’s family!
  • Celebrating Brittany’s 30th birthday with dinner at Up.
  • Spending the week with Sasha, as it was his first time to work from Houston (i.e. at home) in 7 weeks.
  • Getting my butt kicked at DEFINE Body with Alex at 5:45am.
  • Eating dinner with Megan at Brio’s! It was delicious and I always love her company.

How was your week? Hope you had a great Mother’s Day!

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Week in Review

May 2, 2016

Happy Monday! Can you believe that it’s May already?!? Isla turns two in a month and two days, and that is so incredibly frightening to me! I cannot believe it. I’m also not ready for her party, so there’s that!

We had a busy weekend, moving around from Houston to Austin to Dripping Springs, then back to Houston to feed Belle, then to Galveston for Serbian Easter celebrations. It was such a fun wedding – we loved celebrating Danay and Patrick with other sweet friends, and Easter was a lot of fun with the family. Today is a much quieter day, thank goodness – time to catch up on edits and life in general!

Some highlights from the past week include:

  • Taking poolside photo of Molly and Caroline at a gorgeous pool – one of the On Point Custom Homes! Seriously, it is a dream.
  • Photographing Megan and Elly (did you see her exciting announcement??) at CityCentre, Lauren at Color Wall and Lyndsey at Tiny Boxwoods and Highland Village (her girls are so darn cute!).
  • Spending the evening and eating dinner with Destiny, Sid and Truman with Isla for blog photos and a fun video that she’ll share tomorrow. We love the Thompsons!
  • Seeing Monica to pick up some gorgeous bachelorette goodies and photographing some of her amazing laser cut items – she is so talented!
  • Having a fun creative shoot for Pour L’Amour Creative with Meredith and Brittany – I love how everything turned out! They’re three talented ladies!
  • Photographing Joy at BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir in Sugarland – y’all, you will feel like you’re in India when you go there. It’s gorgeous!! Seriously blown away.
  • Creating a sweet sundae shoot with Meredith to test out a fun new video technique we’re working on – I think we should make a series out of it!! Did you see the video yet?

Hope you’re having a wonderful Monday so far! xo

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Week in Review

April 26, 2016

If I were to use one word to describe last week, it would have to be rainrainrainrain. As soon as you thought it would stop raining, it would pick right back up. Tons of neighborhoods in the city were completely flooded, and we were lucky enough to stay pretty dry (or flood free, I guess!). I could not believe what we were watching on the news and even on my friends’ Snapchats!

Since the first few days of last week prohibited photos being taken, the latter half was pretty insane. And I left for Chicago at 7am on Friday morning (those early morning flights are always painful!), which meant I was rushing to get everything done before I left. I was visiting my best friend of 18 years (which means I’m way too old!!) who moved there in December – I kept telling myself it was too chilly to visit her, so booked a flight in April and alas, mid-40 degree weather. In the spring. Yikes. Thank goodness it was the best weekend ever, and we were too busy to notice the cold. We met our good friend, Caroline, at Google for lunch, then went to Cindie’s at the Chicago Athletic Club, took photos by The Bean, then ate dinner at Summer House and wandered in and out of cute boutiques on the way home. Friday night was a relaxing night in – face masks, cheese and rose! Truly perfect. On Saturday, we ate breakfast at Southport Grocery and Cafe, shopped nearby and then went to the Lincoln Park Conservatory (which is a dream!). Afterwards, we drank delicious smoothies at Real Good, strolled down to the lake where we relaxed, looking out at the gorgeous blue water. Then we met up with Caroline, went to Hotel Lincoln (which was ridiculously busy!), so headed to Corcoran’s Pub, before taking a taxi to dinner at The Hampton Social and then a glass of wine at Caroline’s apartment. It was a jam packed 48 hours, and I got to spend time with some people I love so, so much – my heart is still full from the trip! I can’t wait to go back with Sasha and Isla!

Some other highlights from the past week included:

  • Eating lunch with Sasha’s cousin’s wife at Tiny’s No. 5 – the acai bowl is amazing. I love Melissa – we chatted for a few hours and I didn’t even notice!
  • Taking photos for Emily Reeves and Kristin Tauber to promote their next calligraphy and floral workshop (details here).
  • Taking blog photos for Destiny at Kendra Scott (fun collab that y’all will see soon!), Elly (basically in the pouring rain!), and Caroline, at her house.
  • Meredith consultation for Isla’s party at her house! I am excited and very stressed :)
  • Finishing the craft closet with help from Meggie of Organized Life Design – she is the best, and I cannot wait to reveal the progress and final photos!

I hope y’all are already having a great week so far! xo

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Week in Review

April 18, 2016

Hello from a very flooded Houston! Sasha was supposed to drive to Austin early this morning, but per the blaring weather alerts going off throughout the night, that wasn’t going to happen. The whole city was told to stay inside, so that is what we did! By 11am, I was already feeling cabin fever – I’m clearly not made to stay inside. Sasha has since headed out the door, and Isla and I have been doing our spring cleaning – part of our homework from Meggie Mangione of Organized Life Design. Meggie came for our second organization session yesterday, and we made so much progress in moving everything from the guest room into the playroom closet and drawers. I’m excited for our final meeting, during which we’ll wrap everything up. I will be sharing photos afterwards! I have been dreading this project for ages, but Meggie made it such a breeze! 

Some other highlights from the week included:

  • Meeting and photographing gorgeous baby Townes’ at the hospital – he didn’t look like a new newborn at all! He’s a serious doll. I’m obsessed already!
  • Getting to spend time with two of our best friends, Kirby and Brett, meeting baby Henry for the first time (he was too good and slept most of the evening!!) and watching Isla and Lillian interact. We wish so badly that they lived in Houston!
  • Lots of blogger shoots – Destiny at her house with lunch and a playdate too! // Alex at our house for a little Mark & Graham engagement party + Coachella-inspired hangouts  // Molly and Lyndsey at The Menil // Esther at Summer Street Studios  // Megan at Highland Village
  • My sister-in-law pushed her flight to SFO back by a few days, so we got to spend some more quality time together – even introduced her to Door Dash and Adair Kitchen (where we went as a family of three on Friday!) 
  • Doing an OrangeTheory class with Destiny and some other wonderful bloggers and then having lunch with our men and the kiddos after at Ruggles Green afterwards (we literally braved a storm!) – and running into Melissa and Mikey there was wonderful!
  • Going with Isla to her swim class – we double-dutied it, and she loved swimming back and forth and back and forth between the two of us! She’s a fish and loves the pool!
  • Photographing the spring/summer DEFINE shoot, styled by Meredith, hair and makeup by Brittany, creative direction from Cailyn and Candace and models including Chiara, Lauren and Chandra.
  • Interviewed interns and hired one – Hannah – whom I’ll introduce on the blog in two weeks when she starts! I’m excited to work with her (and have some help around here!). 
  • Going to Bayou City Fellowship with Curtis preaching – always my favorite. We got to sit next to Sydney, who was there solo after Philip was suffering from a littttttle too much crawfish (surely that’s what was holding him back! ha!). 

Hope you had a wonderful week. If you’re in Houston, stay dry!! xo

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