Creative Halloween Cards, Crafts and Costumes

October 22, 2014

Halloween has historically not been my favorite holiday (since perhaps the age of 8); however, in recent years, I’ve come to appreciate the pretty Rifle Paper Co. cards, sweet pumpkin DIYs, and adorable little baby/toddler costumes. My favorite source of creative crafts is definitely Sugar & Cloth, and I love all of the costumes that Studio DIY creates.

In honor of next week’s spooktacular celebrations, I’ve put together my favorite paper goods, eerie crafts and creative costumes. This morning, one of my favorite blogs – Lark & Linen – published 12 ‘non-lame’ halloween crafts. It’s a great roundup too!

Do you love Halloween? Will you be trick or treating next week? If you need some baby costume inspiration, check out Hook, Thread and Tinker’s adorable roundup here.


“You’re my favorite creeper”? Um, yes. That and the orange monster. Oh and the gold leaf skull? How elegant. I love these cards so much. creative halloween cards costumes adults kids trick or treat DIY crafts adult party inspiration read more

Healthy Vegan Crustless Apple Pie

October 21, 2014

I have been toying with the idea of a healthy apple pie for ages now, as anyone close to me knows I adore stewed apples. What exactly is a stewed apple? Simple. It’s when an apple is skinned (optional), cored, diced and popped into the microwave for about 2 1/2 – 3 minutes. It comes out soft and sweeter (how? I have no idea). I eat a stewed apple almost every single night after dinner. It’s the best dessert.

After scouring the internet, I found a lot of vegan apple pie recipes online, but none of them were to my liking (i.e. healthy enough). You don’t need all of that added sugar if you bake with a delicious apple (namely Honey Crisp).

I baked three batches of these vegan, gluten-free, refined-sugar-free, crustless apple pies, adjusting little things each time, and the recipe below is the winner. The ingredients make two servings – baked in little ramekins (I used these from Sur La Table).

PS Isla’s nursery is one of the finalist for Project Nursery’s project of the month! I would love your vote.


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Isla Loves: Honest Co. Shampoo & Body Wash (Giveaway)

October 20, 2014

As I mentioned before in this previous ‘Isla Loves’ post, we love the Honest Co. Their diapers are absolutely adorable and getting them delivered to our doorstep is such a godsend. If you’re not using them already, I highly recommend that you sign up to get the premium diapers and wipes for less than $20 a week from

Not only do we use Honest Co. diapers and wipes, we also use the Shampoo and Body Wash. Sasha takes bath duties every night, and the two of them have a grand old time in her bathroom (lots and lots of giggles). Isla wriggles all over, and gets the suds in her eyes and is not bothered one bit. We love how soft it makes her hair and skin feel too – and the sweet vanilla-y smell is a plus.

The Shampoo and Body Wash only costs $9.95 for a 8.5 oz bottle, and it lasts for ages. I highly recommend you buy it, or… enter the giveaway below!


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Week in Review

October 19, 2014

Whew – what a week! It ended on a rather low point – mastitis (again!). Mastitis is a breast tissue infection that, quite frankly, sucks. I had it for the first time 6 days after Isla was born (on Sasha’s birthday!). This time, I was able to identify it early, as I knew those flu-like symptoms weren’t the flu! Thankfully, we got medicine very quickly and started the antibiotics, and I’m feeling much better.

Besides mastitis, the week was wonderful. Kirby, one of my best friends, was in town for a wedding, so we got to spend most of the day together on Friday and had a quick little visit on Sunday. Sweet Lillian is just gorgeous! See photos of their last two play adventures here and here.

Other highlights include:

How was your week? Tell me about it in the comments!

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