Tinsel and Tables Workshop

December 18, 2014

Two weeks ago, I attended a Tinsel & Tables Workshop, hosted by Christina of Christina Leigh Events (first mentioned here). The event was so much fun – not to mention delicious (feast your eyes on the delicious baked goods from Buttercup Bakery). The attendees gathered at Over the Top Linen on a beautiful Sunday, and we learned napkin folds and discussed table settings, talked about cute paper goods with Katie of Katie and Co., practiced calligraphy with Jenny of A Fine Flourish and learned all about perfecting your holiday decor with Christina. She taught us how to make natural wreaths and the perfect bows. Needless to say, it was a very informative four hours. I took my wreath home and have it on our table as our centerpiece!

Over the Top Linen is the most incredible store ever (fabric heaven). I am dying to get my hands on those fancy sequin fabrics for Isla’s first birthday party. The entire event was exciting, as I had been following many of these lovely ladies on Instagram for awhile, and it was great to meet them (all incredibly sweet). I’m looking forward to Christina’s next workshop!

The entire workshop was photographed by the incredibly talented Jessica of Ever and Anon (all photos below are courtesy of Jessica). I hope to have her take photos for us in the future! Her pictures are beautiful.

PS Seeing these photos of me with the blond hair now makes me cringe. So excited to be a brunette again (photo here)!

TINSEL_AND_TABLES_WORKSHOP_134Jessica, Christina, Katie, Clara, Natalie and Jenny (Kristina of Buttercup Bakery had to leave early!)TT1TINSEL_AND_TABLES_WORKSHOP_039TT2TINSEL_AND_TABLES_WORKSHOP_029 read more

Gift Guide for the Athlete

December 17, 2014

After two gift guides for the men (Gadget Guy and Outdoorsman), two for the ladies (Hostess and Girly Girl) and one for the little ones (Baby’s First Christmas), I have created a unisex present guide – for the athletes. I am drooling over some of these gifts, most especially the Tory Burch Fitbit Flex bracelet. It is perfect. read more

Christmas Peppermint Cocktail

December 16, 2014

On Friday evening, I had three of my closest girlfriends over for a Christmas dinner and catch-up. Like I mentioned yesterday, these ladies make me cry with laughter. Isn’t that just the best? We had some wild moments back in high school, all of which are totally cringe-worthy now and are funny to reminisce over.

I tasked Brittany to come up with a Christmas cocktail, and she outdid herself by in turn tasking her entire work department to submit the most delicious cocktail they could find. She arrived at our house with a large bag from Specs, filled with three fancy liquors and candy canes. I knew we were going to enjoy ourselves.

These candy cane cocktails literally taste like candy canes, so you would be tempted to drink them quickly… and to have too many. Warning: Do not do this. They are strong. But delicious. So I highly recommend you pull these out at your holiday party, because you won’t regret it.

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Week in Review

December 15, 2014

I really enjoyed the past week, as it was filled with fun friend get-togethers, last minute Christmas shopping, a hair appointment to take me back to being a brunette, and lots of sweet Isla moments (think big, poufy pink tutu play time!). I feel so fortunate to have been able to take a leave of absence from work for the past six months, and I am soaking up as much time as possible with Isla before returning to work at the end of February. My childcare search is ramping up heavily this week! I’ve been procrastinating because it makes me want to cry. Sasha is an amazing dad and wakes up at 5am to workout so he can get to the office around 6:30-7am and gets home around 4:00-4:15pm, which is perfect for two hours of family time before Isla’s bedtime routine starts at 6pm. We do a 1.5 mile walk every evening with Belle, our dog, and I look forward to this outing all day long.

Some of the major highlights of the last week include:

  • Getting my hair colored by Eric at Estilo Salon – I decided to go ombre 9 weeks ago, and I’ve been dying (no pun intended) to go back to my original hair color ever since… finally did it! (see awkward makeup-less selfie below)
  • Isla finally got the swing of eating food vs. just licking and spitting… which led to two days of constipation, which wasn’t all that fun
  • Planning our trip to Paris and St. Petersburg – down to the hour, metro stops, restaurants, coffee stops, etc. (and reading Comment le Grinch a Volé Noël and This is Paris)
  • Getting so many Christmas/holiday cards in the mail – I am obsessed! I seriously chase the mailman down every day when he comes to our cul-de-sac
  • Eating a delicious brunch hosted by Christie of KiKiMac – lots of pretty pictures below!
  • Catching up with old co-workers-turned-friends at The Tasting Room
  • Hosting a Christmas dinner with three of my friends from childhood – seriously was crying laughing at numerous occasions… love those ladies! We drank these delicious peppermint cocktails, which I’ll share tomorrow!
  • Prepping for Isla’s Christening on December 27 – she’s going to wear the same Christening gown that my grandpa, dad, and I all wore (think long gown à la Prince George)
  • Buying lots and lots of peonies for the house – not sure what this winter season is all about, but I am loving it!
  • Finally putting lights on the trees outside (thank you, sweet husband!)

I hope you had the best week as well! I’d love to hear some of your highlights too in the comments below. xo

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The Nickolas’ Christmas Photos

December 11, 2014

A month ago, I had the honor of taking my sweet friends’ Christmas card photos. We went to The Arboretum at Memorial Park, and I had a great time posing them in different places – on tree logs, blankets, benches, etc.. I was really happy with how the photos turned out, but that was more to do with photographing an attractive couple than it was about my camera skills. I was tickled to see their Christmas card arrive in the mail this week. Erin choose a beautiful card from Minted – Sasha even commented on the envelope’s font. You know a man is married to a typography geek when he picks up on nice typeface!

Have you gotten your family photos taken recently? Check out the Petrovic family and Semple family photos. I’d love to see yours! If you’re in the Houston area, I would love to take photographs for you. Shoot me an email if you are interested.

P.S. You may recognize Matt and Erin from their wedding photos in the Julia Ideson Library Wedding post I wrote here

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